U.S. Senator pleased with Sony’s response to PSN attack

By Jessica Citizen, Wednesday, 11 May 2011 06:09 GMT

An American senator has actually praised Sony’s reponse to the PlayStation Network security breach, two weeks after publicly calling for the company to explain its actions.

Richard Blumenthal

Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat senator, has gone so far as to suggest that Sony “could serve as a model for other companies facing similar criminal hacking”.

Blumenthal had earlier been in contact with Sony with a list of questions following the public release of details relating to PSNgate. He also insisted that the company offer identity theft insurance alongside free access to credit reporting services for the next two years.

It didn’t take long for Sony to agree these demands, providing U.S. gamers with a $1 million insurance policy and a year’s worth of free credit monitoring.

Via his official website, Blumenthal says he welcomes this “strong first step”.

“Sony’s response to preventing similar attacks in the future could serve as a model for other companies facing similar criminal hacking,” he continues.

“The crime perpetrated on Sony and PlayStation Network users is part of a larger troubling trend of cybercrime, and a reminder that our laws and data security resources must keep pace with advancing technology. I look forward to working with Sony and others in the future to determine the best way forward, and continue to urge the Justice Department to pursue the criminals who attacked Sony’s information system.”

GamesIndustry reminds us that Sony are still no closer to publicly announcing the identity of the hackers, although a number of fingers are being pointed at “rogue elements” within the Anonymous hacktivist group.

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