Two new worlds rumoured for Age of Conan

By Jessica Citizen, Monday, 9 May 2011 07:38 GMT

Craig “Silirrion” Morrison hinted last month that there was something interesting in the works for Age of Conan. Now, forums for the game are a-buzz with the idea that two new lands may be in development, filled with a multitude of new zones.

Age of Conan - Map of Hyboria

“This is where we get to the stuff we can’t quite talk about just yet… yes, a little teasing I know, but trust us, it is far more frustrating not being able to talk about what is coming just yet. These will be important updates, with two new and important elements incoming,” said Morrison last month.

Now, fans are frothing at the mouth in the game’s forums, anticipating two new Hyborian provinces – Turan and Ardashir. Our friends at Massively have done the hard work for us, confirming that filtering the in-game player search tab by region does indeed present gamers with new headings – Turan and Ardashir – alongside Aquilonia, Cimmeria, Khitai and Stygia.

Adding fuel to the fire is publisher Funcom’s annual report, which says in part that the game will see “significant content and story tie-ins”, thanks to the release of the new Conan the Barbarian movie due out this year. Either way, it looks like the world as we know it is about to be changed.

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