Halo 2600 cartridge available at Classic Gaming Expo

By Brenna Hillier, Tuesday, 25 January 2011 22:48 GMT


If there’s anything cooler than a downloadable retro remake of Halo, it’s the chance to own a really truly Halo 2600 cartridge for your Atari, assuming it still works and you can find it under the pile of board games in the attic.

Gamingbits writes that attendees of the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas will be able to pick up one of these pieces of utter delight, described by Bungie in a tweet as “spectacular”.

Halo 2600 is a retro version of the modern classic shooter coded for the Atari 2600 coded by ex-Microsoft Games Studios boss Ed Fries.

Playable online or as a free ROM download, goodness knows what difficulties had to be navigated to have it produced as an actual Atari cartridge.

Thanks, Mike.

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