Killzone 3 “feels more fluid” and “stutters less,” says Guerrilla

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 18 January 2011 19:11 GMT


Guerrilla Games has said, once again, that with Killzone 3 it has fixed the control lag inherent in Killzone 2, and that it will also play “more fluidly” than the previous franchise entry.

Speaking in the latest issue of Edge magazine (via CVG), the game’s director Mathijis de Jonge said the game “stutters less”, and “feels more fluid”.

“[While] we were still tweaking and checking framerate, I checked this game back-to-back with Killzone 2 and have to say that it plays so much more fluidly,” he said. “Also, the adjustments we made to lean-and-peek – you can actually slide into cover now, vault over, brutally melee your enemies – it feels more fluid, stutters less. There’s fewer points of irritation.

“Thing with Killzone 2 was, there were some quite technical problems in the controls, actually, and I think we’ve solved those now. There was a lot of lag… by fixing those issues we’ve lost a bit of that weighty feeling. We’ve tried to maintain that original experience, but if we’d kept it as slow, we’d run into the danger of losing some people, moving too far away from our competitors.”

Guerrilla boss Herman Hulst added that the biggest “improvement” over Killzone 2, is that the team is “looking to have pretty much a unique setting for each level”.

Killzone 3 is out on PS3 February 22 in the US, February 23 in Europe, and February 25 in the UK.

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