CV shots shows canned Call of Duty

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 18 May 2010 08:58 GMT

canned cod

A canned Call of Duty title? Surely not. But that’s what you’re looking at.

Shots of a project called Call of Duty: Devil’s Brigade for PS3 and 360 from Underground Development have been found by superannuation on the blog of Leonid Korostyshevskiy, a senior environment artist on the project.

Looks like it was a WWII shooter.

There’s a handful of shots here.

Three teams are currently working on the COD series: Treyarch will ship Black Ops this November, with Sledgehammer Games working on an action-adventure game for the series.

Infinity Ward is also working on a new title, which is rumoured to be Modern Warfare 3, despite the studio’s recent troubles.

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