120Gb 360 HDD gets price-cut in the UK, confirms Microsoft

By Johnny Cullen, Wednesday, 24 March 2010 11:59 GMT


Microsoft’s confirmed to VG247 that the 120Gb 360 HDD will receive a price-cut in the UK to £80, which is the same price as the just-announced 250Gb HDD.

A rep from the firm told us “Microsoft has reduced the price of the Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive to £79.99, available, available while supplies last.

“We are now able to offer even more storage for those who wish to store lots of games and entertainment content with the new Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive.”

There you have it. Choice for everyone, then.

The 250Gb HDD is set to release separately in the UK on April 16, while it’s available now in the US.

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