Darksiders video focuses on War’s awesome steed, Ruin

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 10 December 2009 19:06 GMT


The only thing a bad-ass demon slayer needs besides his massive sword, is an equally bad-ass horse – and that is just what War has in Darksiders.

Ruin. Black as smoke, swift as flame, his pounding hooves are drums of doom.

Okay. We didn’t come up with that, Vigil Games did, but it’s still a very cool description of War’s phantom steed. Oh, you can ride other beasts in the game as well, but none are as awesome and chill inducing as Ruin.

There’s a video below the break, and if you are not yelling “fuck yeah” at the screen afterward, then you need to watch it again.

It’s out in January. We. Cannot. Wait.

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