Newest FFXIII character revealed in Shonen Jump

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 14 October 2009 19:58 GMT


Square Enix has revealed its latest Final Fantasy XIII character within the pages of Shonen Jump.

Looking like the gals we went to high school with, sans the spear, her name is Wolba (Oerba?) Yun Fang and her special power is the ability to summon Bahamut the massive draconian entity.

You probably noticed her in the TGS trailer for the game.

Also of note, is news that Sazh, also pictured in the mag, can summon Brynhildr who wields a might ax and he can also turn into a car.

It confuses us as to why Brynhildr is not a woman given the mythology behind the name – but who cares. He turns into a car, plus if we want to make Square nerdishly accurate, Bahamut should be a massive fish supporting the earth just like Arabian mythology says.

We’ll shut up now.

Via IGN.

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