Extra details surface for Rabbids Go Home, toilet humor included

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 15 April 2009 18:23 GMT


More details regarding Ubisoft action title Rabbids Go Home have popped up in the latest issue of ONM.

Fart jokes and “flushing your goodies down the toilet” are included.

  • Six hub worlds, 20 environments, over 50 missions
  • Roughly 100 different humans, all based on various stereotypes
  • Main enemies are the Verminators and Vermi-dogs
  • Verminators set traps to catch Rabbids, but they are actually scared of them
  • Levels hide various collectibles
  • Collect target items for new abilities: use a hospital patient’s oxygen bed to float
  • New game mechanics added in roughly every 20 minutes
  • Target items can help you progress in other environments
  • 15 hours of gameplay
  • Cut-scenes explain missions
  • “Crazy music,” slapstick comedy and fart jokes
  • Each mission ends with you flushing your goodies down a toilet
  • Multiplayer, but details not yet revealed
  • Locations: Airport, Builders’ Yard, Graveyard, Museum, Office, Pile, Supermarket (may be more)
  • Games of inspiration: Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy
  • Motion-control for opening doors and other context-sensitive events
  • Took almost a year to decide what direction to go with the game

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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