Pre-owned market is “defrauding the industry”

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 30 October 2008 15:44 GMT


Frontier boss David Braben has stepped up his campaign against secondhand games sales, telling Eurogamer at Game City in Nottingham that retailers are essentially fiddling the trade.

“The shops are not giving us a way of distinguishing between pre-owned and new,” he said. “So the shops are essentially defrauding the industry.”

Braben added: “We’ve got a lot of retailers eating our lunch and refusing to sell full-priced games.

“I’ve been in a shop where I’ve tried to buy a copy of a relatively recent game, and I’ve taken an empty box off the shelf and they’ve given me a pre-owned copy. That, I think, is disgraceful.

“Not holding stock of new games, substituting them with pre-owned games at the same or much the same price… That is really destroying the shelf-life of our games.”

There’s more through there. None of it’s pretty.

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David Braben

Frontier Studios

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