Nintendo Europe “scared” of DS Holocaust game, says creator, but he’s hopeful of release

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 10 March 2008 12:19 GMT

Speaking here, Imagination is the Only Escape creator Luc Bernard has said that he’s heard Nintendo Europe is “scared” of the Holocaust-based game, but that he doesn’t think the company is trying to stop the game’s release despite this morning’s “no plans” comment.

“Well from what I was told, Nintendo Europe is also scared of it, but again I don’t think they are trying to block the game,” he said. “I think they are just scared that it has bad taste. That is why… I don’t think the game will be banned. Once I have time to talk to Nintendo myself and show them the game they will change their mind.

“Alten8 talks to [Nintendo] for me, however I will try and find a way to talk to Nintendo USA myself. I mean, I doubt they would want to ban a educational game that is non-violent, where to profits are going to help stop another genocide. This isn’t just about the war; this game [is] to try and teach children something so they don’t end up racist.

“I seriously don’t think Nintendo will ban the game once I get to show it to them. I think also the reason they were shocked is because Alten8 deals with Nintendo Europe and… they haven’t even talked to Nintendo Europe yet… I am currently developing the game no matter what people say, and I will let a lot of people test the game before I even consider it finished, it needs to be PERFECT or I won’t release it.”

Imagination is the Only Escape is based on the life of a young boy living in Eastern France at the time of the German occupation in WWII, who uses a fantasy world to escape the reality of the War.

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