MGS will be PS2 port for Essential Collection

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 27 February 2008 20:13 GMT


According to this, the original Metal Gear Solid in the upcoming MGS: Essential Collection for the US will be a full PlayStation 2 port on a DVD. The original PSone game was CD-based and needed a disc change half way through.

“Metal Gear Solid 1 will in fact be released on a Playstation 2 disc,” said that report. “No disc swapping. No more gray memory card. Other than those two improvements the port should be entirely transparent to the player, retaining the PS1’s visuals and gameplay mechanics.”

Which is awesome. The whole thing – all MGS games up to now – are included in the package for $30. What would be even more awesome is a European date announcement. Konami: don’t be rubbish. Release the frigging thing over here. Don’t make us cry.

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