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  • L4D2 Passing out today, promo trailer brings the hate

    Valve just stuck out a promo for L4D2 DLC The Passing, showing characters from the game’s first and second installments sparring on a bridge… with words.

  • L4D2: The Passing coming to Steam and XBL Thursday [Update]

    Update: Valve has detailed The Passing a bit more, citing the single-player, multiplayer and co-op modes that will be present in the DLC. It will also include weekly game mode events called “Mutations.” These week-long runs of new gameplay modes range from “Realism Versus” mode to “Chainsaw Massacre,” which gives all players chainsaws with an […]

  • Steam Achievements for The Passing reveal L4D2 content

    Some Achievements listed for The Passing, Left 4 Dead 2′s first expansion, hint around at content that will be made available in the DLC when it is launched this week.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 DLC The Passing hits next week

    Valve’s L4D2 DLC, The Passing, will hit next week according to a blog post on the game’s official site.

  • The Passing for L4D2 will miss March, says Inside Xbox

    Zombie-shooting lovers may want to go fetal and cry right now: Left 4 Dead 2 DLC “The Passing” won’t make this month. At least, that’s according to Inside Xbox’s SentUAMessage.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 half-price on Steam until tomorrow

    Haven’t gotten into some zombie killing in New Orleans yet? Good news, then: Left 4 Dead 2 is half-price on Steam.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 “The Passing” DLC to include multiple new game modes

    Back in our day, killing zombies was a simple past-time. Fire a shotgun, rev a chainsaw, or jerry-rig a flamethrower with a match and some bugspray. None of these new-fangled rules everyone’s so excited about.

  • L4D2′s The Passing detailed a bit more – contains L4D1 spoilers

    Left 4 Dead 2′s The Passing has been detailed on GameTrailers TV, especially the part where the cast from the original Left 4 Dead meets up with the new cast. Unfortunately, if you wish to remain pure and virginal, don’t look below the break as it may spoil it for you.

  • L4D, L4D2 to feature cross-platform play between PC and Mac

    Valve’s confirmed on its Left 4 Dead blog that both games in the shooter series will both be cross-platform compatible between PC and Mac, and that both will feature cross-platform play.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 players have killed over 28 billion zombies

    Valve has revealed over on the Left 4 Dead Blog that L4D2 players have killed over 28 billion zombies in the first two months of release. Good lord. That’s a lot of zombies!

  • Original Left 4 Dead DLC to hit “a month or so” after L4D2′s The Passing

    Valve has revealed during X10 that some DLC is heading to the original Left 4 Dead, in order to help explain how the original survivors came to be included in The Passing for Left 4 Dead 2.

  • Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing detailed a bit more at X10

    Valve has reiterated some details at x10 tonight regarding its Left 4 Dead 2 add-on, The Passing, slated for release in early spring.

  • Dragon Age: Origins, Left 4 Dead 2 sales hit 3 million units

    EA confirmed in its Q3 FY10 earnings call yesterday that Dragon Age: Origins and Left 4 Dead 2 have both sold over 3 million units since releasing back in fall.

  • Valve patches Left 4 Dead 2 and the SDK

    Valve has issued a patch for Left 4 Dead 2 and the L4D2 SDK, with map fixes, PZ bots enabling, and other goodies.

  • L4D2 update fixes auto-spawning in Versus; Infected Team gets bots

    Valve has released information on an upcoming Left 4 Dead 2 update currently in the slow cooker, and it will remove the multiplayer auto-spawn in Versus Mode and provide the Infected Team with bots to help out when they’re one man down.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 gets free weekend for Silver Live users

    The 360 version of Left 4 Dead 2 will get a free online weekend next week, commencing January 15.

  • First L4D2 add-on is The Passing, features original survivors

    The Passing, Left 4 Dead 2′s first add-on, will release in early 2010, Valve said today. The content will see the sequel’s survivors meeting up with the original game’s cast. No specifics on how the narrative’s going to work were discussed in the PR. The Passing will also include new arenas for Survival, Versus and […]

  • Valve updates Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2

    Valve’s released a patch fixing hit boxes and the like in Left 4 Dead 2. There’s also been some tweaks to crouching, using the defibrillator, and loads more. Patch notes are below the break. The Xbox 360 should get these same fixes and the other ones released for PC before the end of the month. […]

  • Left 4 Dead 2 SDK could support custom character models

    When the Left 4 Dead 2 SDK’s finally released, it looks as if it will support custom models. According to L4DMods, users will have the ability to create survivors, common and special infected, weapons and edited weapon functionality unique to campaigns maps. Sounds rather neat, actually. Head on through the link to read up on […]

  • Left 4 Dead 2 updated on Steam, fixes witch and bot issues

    Valve has released and update that should fix a few issues with Left 4 Dead 2. Here’s the list: Fixed case where game failed to launch in certain machine configurations Fixed bug where a burning witch could get into a state where she’s invincible (after Molotoving her) Fixed bug where bots would not shoot at […]

  • US version of MW2 and EU version of L4D2 banned in Germany

    Looks like Germany has smacked the US version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the EU version of Left 4 Dead 2 with the ban hammer. Both PC versions are now on the BPjM’s (Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien) list of banned media, and the decision goes into effect today. The German versions of […]

  • Left 4 Dead 2 sells 2 million in two weeks, beats 1 million Live players

    Valve just announced 2 million Left 4 Dead 2 sales in just two weeks at retail. Sales-to-date are more than double those of the first game; the company claims the numbers will put the 360 and PC title up as “one of” the biggest games on the formats for November. More than 1 million Gold […]

  • Left 4 Dead 2 on 360 cracks top 10 on Japanese software charts

    Left 4 Dead 2 – maybe you have heard of it – cracked the top 10 on the Japanese software charts this week, debuting at number six on Xbox 360. That’s an accomplishment right there, considering Japan is a tough market for the console. However, it looks like you can’t keep a good Pikachu or […]

  • Valve upgrades L4D2 360 servers

    Valve’s upgraded it’s Left 4 Dead 2 360 servers, claiming console play will now be “lag-free”. “We have upgraded our network infrastructure to better accommodate the huge response to L4D2,” said the firm on the game’s blog. “360 players will now have lag-free servers. We’ve also added more dedicated servers.” Woot, etc. Cheers, EG.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 update released on Steam

    Valve’s released an update for Left 4 Dead 2. Start up Steam and it’ll take. Here’s the patch notes: Fixed performance problem when rendering lots of decals, notably when fighting tanks with shotguns Fixed rcon response not working on Linux dedicated servers Fixed matchmaking problem matching into Advanced and Expert games Fix bug that would […]

  • PC modders create way to integrate L4D1 maps into Left 4 Dead 2

    Those wanting to play the maps from Left 4 Dead in the sequel can now do so, because L4Dmods has figured out how to bring the game’s campaigns into Left 4 Dead 2. There are some issues with it, but if you are dying to combine the two games, you may find it to be […]

  • Midnight Riders site could hint at first L4D2 DLC

    A website showing the Mignight Riders band from Left 4 Dead 2 went live last night, featureing the words “coming soon”. Obviously, this means it’s something to do with Left 4 Dead 2 and “coming soon”. DLC sounds like a fair bet. No confirmation though, obviously. Thanks, CVG.

  • IGN gives Oz Left 4 Dead 2 version 5/10

    Looks as though the censored Left 4 Dead 2 version that finally made release in Australia is a bit… rubbish. IGN AU’s given it 5/10. Apparently the game’s been compromised by “glitchy-looking edits” and “is a massive step backwards from the original.” To be clear, “if you can get your hands on an unedited version […]

  • Left 4 Dead 2′s “realism” earned it an Oz ban

    The OFLC turned down Left 4 Dead 2′s appeal for release in Australia because of its “realism,” according to documents obtained by Gamespot. Apparently there was “insufficient delineation between the depiction of the general zombie figures and the human figures as opposed to the clearly fictional ‘infected’ characters,” and “whether the objects of the violence […]

  • Valve: Everyone in the UK will be playing Left 4 Dead 2 “by Friday”

    Looks like those in the UK wanting physical copies of Left 4 Dead 2 should be able to get one by Friday. According to a post on Valve’s official blog: Due to high demand for L4D2, we decided to move various street dates forward for a coordinated worldwide release—except in the UK, where this was […]