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Halo Wars, L4D2 now backwards compatible on Xbox One

Xbox One fans can play a few more titles from their collections without having to change the input on the telly.

Halo Wars headlines

  • Red Dead Redemption is now backward compatible on Xbox One

    Surprise! Red Dead Redemption is backward compatible on Xbox One now. And guess what? Halo Wars, Left 4 Dead and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night are on the way too it seems, and it appears Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is also playable.

  • Halo Wars free on Xbox Live Gold in Korea

    Halo Wars has gone free on Xbox Live Gold in Korea. It’s unclear whether or not the strategy game will make its way into the West’s free offerings.

  • Halo 4, Halo 3, Reach and Halo Wars in Xbox Live sale today

    Halo 4 and its predecessors are now on sale as part of Microsoft’s Games on Demand sale.

  • Halo Wars: Bungie saw project as 'whoring out the franchise'

    Halo Wars may not have been original, but it put a neat spin on Microsoft’s well-known franchise. For Ensemble Studios, it was never meant to be a Halo game. Founder Tony Goodman has spent time discussing the difficult situation faced by his team.

  • 343: Halo Wars a "success", sequel currently not planned

    343 Industries boss Frankie O’Connor has said that Ensemble RTS Halo Wars was a “huge success”, but insists work on a sequel has not begun.

  • Fan outrage persuades 343 Industries to continue Halo Wars stat-tracking

    343 giveth, and 343 taketh away. And then it changeth its mind and giveth again. Eth.

  • Halo Wars player stats to be wiped due to Waypoint transition

    Microsoft’s announced it’s to close the website for Halo Wars and wipe online player stats for the RTS.

  • Get two 360 Platinum Hits, get one free

    Amazon’s offering a third game free when you buy two Platinum Hits for Xbox 360, provided it’s an equal or lesser price then the two you’ve already picked.

  • Fable II, Halo Wars join 360 Classics range

    Microsoft’s announced it’s added Fable II and Halo Wars to the Classics catalogue for 360.

  • Halo Wars, Dead Rising added to GoD on Live

    Nelson’s confirmed that Halo Wars and Dead Rising are now available on Games on Demand for Xbox Live.

  • Halo Wars stats wipe was "human error," Microsoft admits

    Major Nelson’s apologised on behalf of Microsoft for Halo Wars’ leaderboards being completely reset on Wednesday, saying the gaffe was “human error”. Sounds as though there’s no chance of the boards being restored: Nelson said the “unfortunate incident” has “resulted in the loss of all data” related to the strategy title’s online portion. In a […]

  • Halo Wars leaderboards erased due to technical glitch

    Due to a technical glitch on Xbox Live, the leaderboards for Halo Wars has been wiped clean. All stats are now back to launch day status, and this includes all singleplayer, multiplayer and Trueskill leaderboards, as well as all matchmaking data. According to a post on the official Halo Wars website, it’s unknown if the […]

  • Halo Wars Battle Map Pack now out [Update]

    The Major’s updated to reveal that the Halo Wars Historical Battle Map Pack is now available for download. The blurb: Expand your Halo Wars experience with the Historical Battle Map Pack Add-on. These four new maps highlight key turning points in the epic war between the UNSC and Covenant forces. The maps include: Blood River […]

  • New add-on coming for Halo Wars July 21

    A Halo Wars add-on called Historic Battles has been announced for July 21. It will run you 800 MS Points ($10.00) and contains four new maps and four new Achievements. Here’s the breakdown: Barrens (1v1 Map): Difficult terrain channels units into killing zones. The side that controls the Forerunner artifacts will have the advantage. Blood […]

  • Halo Wars: Details released for Title Update 3

    Robot Entertainment has released a list of fixes included in Title Update 3 for Halo Wars. It is expected to arrive in just a few weeks, and here’s what you can expect: Balance Changes UNSC Warthogs Gauss cannon damage against tanks and other heavily armored vehicles reduced by 25% UNSC Warthogs build time increased by […]

  • Halo 3 and Halo Wars sell between 57,000 and 74,000 units in April

    Killzone 2 may have sold 58,000 units in the US during the month of April, but according to recent NPD numbers, Halo 3 may have outsold it. A report from Gamasutra divulges that Halo 3 and Halo Wars sold somewhere between 57,000 and 74,000 units a piece. While exact figures for each were lacking in […]

  • Halo Wars: Strategic Options Add-on Pack now on Live

    The Halo Wars: Strategic Options Add-on Pack is now available on Xbox Live. It contains the three new game modes:  Keepaway which is a capture the flag game; Tug of War sees who can field and maintain the strongest army; and Reinforcements allows you to adapt your tactics with waves of troops. The add-on will […]

  • Halo Wars patch notes ready for today's title update

    Halo Wars gets a patch today – get all details from the official site. Looks like general stuff to do with balance. Few bug fixes there, but nothing major.

  • Halo Wars add-on, Strategic Options, confirmed and detailed

    Microsoft just confirmed a first Halo Wars add-on, titled Strategic Options. It’s to release in the “coming weeks”. It’ll include the following: Keepaway Mode is the “Halo Wars” adaptation of Capture the Flag. Teams will battle it out to capture a free-roaming Forerunner Sentinel to score points before the other team. Capture three sentinels to […]

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