Dragon Quest 7

Dragon Quest 7 was inspired by Myst

Dragon Quest 7′s emphasis on exploration and famously obscure puzzles owe a debt to series creator Yuuji Hori’s interest in Myst.


Dragon Quest 7 headlines

  • Dragon Quest 7: new screens show town and dungeon exploration

    Dragon Quest 7 is getting the 3D treatment on Nintendo 3DS, courtesy of Square-Enix. The game is due out in Japan on February 7th, and ahead of release the developer has issued a fresh batch of colourful screens, showing off towns, casinos, dungeons and of course, lots of Slimes. Check them out below the cut.

  • Dragon Quest 7 gets charming 3DS gameplay trailer

    Dragon Quest 7 is heading to Nintendo 3DS across Japan from February 7th, but Square-Enix has released a charming trailer to tide over RPG fans until then. Check it out below.

  • Dragon Quest 7 screenshots escape Japanese Nintendo events

    Did you think the depths of Nintendo’s media takeover had been well and truly plumbed? There is always more, my friends – always. Here’s a batch of screens showing off the 3DS remake of PSOne classic, Dragon Quest 7.

  • Dragon Quest 7 3DS - first direct feed shots land online

    Dragon Quest 7 3DS direct feed shots have been posted over on 4Gamer, along with story and gameplay descriptions. Google didn’t do a very good job translating the page for us, but if you click the link, you should be able to discern enough to comprehend what is going on. Dragon Quest 7 3DS is […]

  • Dragon Quest 7 3DS confirmed, release date revealed

    Dragon Quest 7 is heading to Nintendo 3DS, following our coverage of a rumour that emerged yesterday. Square-Enix has now opened the game’s official teaser site and dropped a Japanese release-date for the RPG epic.