Dying Light mod recreates the opening level of Mirror’s Edge

Thursday, 7 January 2016 09:01 GMT By Sherif Saed

Dying Light’s modding tools provide a good excuse to replay the opening bits of Mirror’s Edge.


With the release of Dying Light‘s modding tools and their August update, the game’s user-created content keeps growing.

Elimina is Steam Workshop user, who, using the tools at his disposal, recreates well-known locations and levels from other games, particularly the ones that would benefit the most from Dying Light’s navigational systems. His latest creation is remaking the opening level of Mirror’s Edge in Dying Light.

The level is still a work-in-progress but it looks very good already, accentuating red and yellow colours and creating Mirror’s Edge-like hallways/stairwells.

“This map is an exact 1:1 scale version of the map with every corner and detail almost identical using Dying Light’s resources,” says the creator, who’s also responsible for remaking Assassin’s Creed’s Monteriggioni in the game.

See how good it looks for yourself: