This Mortal Kombat poster hints at new series entry

Thursday, 29 May 2014 00:33 GMT By Catherine Cai

If this poster found on Reddit is to be believed, Mortal Kombat might be making a comeback very soon.

The poster reads “Who’s Next?” with a Mortal Kombat dragon logo.

Mortal Kombat teaser

Ah, a Mortal Kombat logo. So what? You might be thinking. And rightly so. This in itself doesn’t reveal much, but paired with Ed Boon’s “mysterious” tweets from last week, all signs point to a Mortal Kombat sequel. Ed Boon’s Twitter activity as of late has been a flurry of Mortal Kombat-related activity. Most glaringly, the Mortal Kombat creator changed his Twitter background to feature the same logo and text combination that’s revealed in the poster.

If Boon’s countdown tweets are to be believed, this reveal will take place in early June, right before E3.