Virtual reality shuffle: Google Glass guy joins Oculus, Valve VR guy joins Google

Monday, 19th May 2014 03:31 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Virtual reality jobs seem to be among the hottest in tech and games at the moment, if the ongoing game of musical chairs is anything to go by.


Oculus VR has snapped up Adrian Wong, according to his LinkedIn profile. The former Google Glass engineer has gone from being one of Google[X]‘s “professional daydreamer”s to an engineer working on Oculus Rift; he’s “building the metaverse”, apparently.

Google managed to bring its Glass tech from prototype to limited consumer release, so hopefully Wing can help Oculus get a wriggle on and do the same.

Wong leaves an VR engineer gap at Google, and perhaps coincidentally, Superannuation spotted Ben Krasnow’s new role as hardware engineer at Google.

Krasnow previously worked at Valve, where he was responsible for an interesting tongue and gesture controller prototype.

What does all this mean? Only that, with Sony also joining the virtual reality race, it looks like this thing might really be happening, you know?

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  1. ij 44

    Yes we have a new “3d TV” – expect plenty of coverage until it dies a natural death when nobody buys it.

    Reality check – 3d doesn’t really work – it never gets past gimmick, though you can wear the kings new suit if you want -.. reason – 3d only simulates the parallax effect – it doesn’t cause any differential accomodation of the eye (google “accomodation of the eye”) – this means that the eye is always focussing at a fixed distance – instead of varying distance matching depth – the result it that the “3d” never get’s any better than a “stage set” view – because the lack of accomadation of the eye means the brain can tell the depth isn’t there – result it looks fake.

    Don’t waste your life monitoring these blowhards jumping from one “next big thing” to the next. There won’t be anything in the end. No games you are glad you played – stuff like that.

    Just like 3d film. kinect, eyetoy etc etc

    #1 7 months ago
  2. salarta

    @ij 44 You’re mistakenly labeling VR to be the same thing as 3D. It’s not.

    I’ll agree with you that Oculus Rift is going to fail, for a hell of a lot of reasons, unless they make it absurdly cheap. But VR itself, in the form presented here, I can see taking off. Within the specific limitation of video games, a lot of people are going to like it for a first person perspective. It’s also more portable than a TV, which would make taking it on trips quite easy.

    I’m not sure if it’ll be as successful as a lot of people expect it to be. Once we get past the novelty, you’re essentially wearing a headpiece that keeps you from seeing what’s going on in the world around you, and a bright light in your eyes at all times even when you blink. No matter how comfortable the device is, it’s still something you have strapped to your head. After the novelty phase, I think it’ll slip down into hardcore gamer territory.

    The average person isn’t going to use it to the extent these companies believe they will. That much is a guarantee. There’s no way in hell people are going to prefer a simulation of going to a movie theater or a basketball game over the real thing.

    #2 7 months ago

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