Avengers game will happen “when we have the right partner”, Marvel boss says

Sunday, 4th May 2014 23:03 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The Avengers won’t spawn a video game adaptation until Marvel can find a developer willing to do it right, according to executive TQ Jefferson.


Jefferson’s comments follow another interview in which he said Marvel is aiming for fewer, smarter licensed games now that it enjoys enough mainstream success to choose its partners.

“The Avengers game will come when we have the right partner, that has the right vision, that has the time to develop a strong, competitive triple-A title and wants to do it right,” he told IGN.

Jefferson said any Avengers game has to meet Marvel’s ambitions for fun gameplay, a compelling story and staying true to character – and if that doesn’t happen, the company won’t sign the deal.

“Gamers, they know better. They’re not going to flock to something that’s sub-par,” he added.

That the company hasn’t pushed out an Avengers game to capitalise on the movie’s success demonstrates Marvel’s new commitment to quality over quick and dirty licensed games, Jefferson continued, agreeing that the dreadful Thor and Captain America games taught the publisher a lesson.

“We got a bloody nose on both of those,” he said. “We would rather not have a game than to just sign something to have something out on time.”

The latest Marvel games are The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which isn’t going down super well according to Metacritic, and Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes, which is coming in northern autumn and serves as a reminder that Disney owns Marvel.



  1. ItsFade

    I would love to see Marvel do with their games what they have managed to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel have so many characters that would make for some absolutely brilliant games given the right talent.

    #1 8 months ago
  2. SlayerGT

    First super hero movie to return to greatness was Batman begins. Rocksteady did a fanatic job doing Batman. Marvel should see if they’re interested in doing a “Rocksteady adaptation” of the Avengers. Makes sense to me, seems obvious.

    #2 8 months ago
  3. dazedonthemoon

    I think Sucker Punch would make a killer Avengers game.

    #3 8 months ago
  4. fihar

    Eh, Spider-Man 2 and Singer’s X-Mens were already great superhero flicks. Nolan’s Batman just happend to tick all the geeky checkmark.

    I’m not entirely sure whether Rocksteady can fit with Avengers’ tone to be honest and I certainly don’t want Avengers to be gritty.

    #4 8 months ago
  5. TheWulf

    I thought they already did, and that it was called LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Which was okay, but not on the same level as LEGO Batman 2, the area design felt somewhat uninspired by comparison and the variety of powers amongst the heroes wasn’t that great.

    I’m not sure who’d do the best job of it, though, really. I want to say Volition, given enough funding, because Saints Row IV was, hands down, the most fun I’ve had with a superhero game in a decade. It’s no doubt the most fun I’ve had since Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Everything else just pales and falls into obscurity by comparison. When it comes to the feel of super powers, Volition is unbeatable.

    The same goes for power armour, as Saints Row IV so eloquently illustrated. It might be worthwhile to team them up with another developer to help them out with world design, but other than that, I don’t honestly think that anyone could do a better job of it than Volition. I think that Volition’s sense of humour would be well suited to an Avengers game, too. I’d love to see the take the Boss’s writer would have on Tony Stark.

    I know there are more popular, po-faced, restricted, and less fun superhero games out there, like inFamous, but that’s really typical of the mainstream. The mainstream reminds me of vogons, give them crystal crabs, and they’ll crack them open to feast on the small amounts of unpalatable meat within. Give them a lump of turd, and they’ll hail it as the most interesting thing they’ve seen all bloody week. I’m glad I’m not mainstream.

    So, probably Sucker Punch would make what the Mainstream Homogeneity wants, but I have to air my objections to that.


    I’m tired of the cinematic Universe, honestly, it’s cowardly. I disliked what they did with Extremis, and how Iron Man 3 ended in general. Instead of celebrating science, it ended on a note that basically said “science made me inhuman, humanity is what makes me special, I don’t need technology to be Iron Man.

    It’s a neo-luddite’s wet fantasy, to be sure, but not any Tony Stark I’d recognise. Worse, they’re trying to copy him with the comics, now, so he’s abandoned over two decades of technological advancement to go back to what his suits were like in the ’80s, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever until you apply the neo-luddite agenda behind it. They’re appealing to knuckle-draggers who can’t stand it when things become so high-tech that the topics involved go over their heads. This is why Star Trek died off, even though it was using over-simplified metaphors to explain its science!

    Hell, it’s why Futurama died off. Even Futurama was too intelligent and ‘out there’ for the average mainstream knuckle-dragging herdie. Have I mentioned that I hate the Mainstream Homogeneity? Because I really do.

    I wish that those who subscribed to the ideals of the Mainstream Homogeneity would go over there, we could go over there, in the opposite direction, and we’d all live happily ever after, separated from each other. Of course, the homogeneity would die out in the same way any regressive culture has, so it’s double the benefit!

    I want Tony Stark to be an intelligent Future Man again, like he was around the time of Warren Ellis’s Extremis, before other, more Amish writers ruined that for him. Is it too much to ask for a smart technologist who actually lives up to the role and is never written by technology-fearing/hating baboons?

    If, in the next Avengers, Tony has full Extremis capabilities then I’ll take it all back. But I genuinely can’t see that happening, can you? I’ll even present you with another angle. In the comics, Tony used Extremis quite openly to heal his heart, in the Armoured Adventures cartoon Tony used Extremis to cure his heart condition. However, in Iron Man 3, it’s LIGHTLY implied that Tony MAY have used Extremis to fix his heart condition.

    And comments from around the Internet?


    It was tempting to burst their bubble and point out that their ‘magnet’ was just normal hospital apparatus (directed lighting), but I just didn’t want to interact with anyone so completely idiotic, I felt that I would have caught stupidity from them, it’s probably contagious when someone is that stupid.

    But that’s the Mainstream Homogeneity for you. Knuckle-draggers who can’t even handle something like Extremis without throwing a wobbly. So, no, in the next Avengers movie, Tony isn’t going to have any Extremis abilities. I can’t set myself up to be disappointed by that. I admit, if he does, I’ll be the one openly cheering from the aisles, but… I doubt it.

    They need to make money, and progressive science is offensive to the dribbling imbeciles who make up the movie-going audience.


    I miss the fearlessly progressive Tony, okay? Even Matt Fraction’s Tony tried to be fearlessly progressive.


    Stupid bloody Mainstream Homogeneity, ruining everything.

    It makes me really wish that there was some indie Iron Man out there, one who was a fearless technologist and stuck with the bleeding edge of sci-fi. I’ve looked, there isn’t. There’s just Tony Stark. I guess it’s just not a popular idea amongst the vast majority of future-fearing humans.



    Eh. I preferred Batman & Robin. It knew how to not take itself seriously and it was actually intelligent every now and then. I have read, however, that it actually takes a greater intellect to appreciate cheesiness, that the average person is incapable of it. Which, honestly, makes a lot of sense. Batman & Robin had some genuinely brilliant moments where they had so much fun with the lore laid out by Batman through the decades, from the ’60s TV show to the modern comics.

    The thing is is that humour is intelligence, and an inability to grasp humour beyond memes and simple pop-culture jokes denotes a lack of overall intelligence. It’s always been known that a refined sense of humour is the hallmark of an advanced mind. Medical science figured that one out a long time ago. The more able you are to understand jokes, quickly, the smarter you are in general. Humour, by its nature, requires perspicacity.

    And insight is something I value. Too few people have it. Too few people are passionate. In fact, the only thing that knuckle-draggers are passionate about tends to be imitating and hating on people who are smarter than them, and generally more passionate then them.

    And I’m fed up of being dragged down by the stupidity of the Mainstream Homogeneity.

    I feel that the Mainstream Homogeneity is getting more and more stupid with each decade. Humour becoming ever more low-brow, subject matter being grossly oversimplified for poorly lit minds to understand, metaphors of metaphors being put to use just so that the lacking ones in the audience will get it. You know, Star Trek tried that. It used metaphors to explain what it was talking about to people who didn’t get it, every Star Trek since TNG was doing that. But then it gave up and turned into HURR HURR WAR, ME AM LOVE WAR because it wasn’t stupid enough to turn a profit.

    And that’s what bugs me about modern entertainment: It has to be stupid to turn a decent profit.

    I’m sick of that. I long for intelligent entertainment outside of books again. And even books are slowly leaning in that direction. Sci-fi is going down the drain after the death of the last, prolific sci-fi writer — Iain M. Banks.

    I don’t know if anything like The Culture can ever happen again.

    You will be missed, Mr. Banks.

    I just feel completely marginalised because I have a moderate intellect. I don’t like this feeling.

    I can’t imagine how it is for people smarter than I am. I feel for them. They have my empathy.

    So, back to the topic of Marvel. The Generalissimo, Stan Lee, is a funny, progressive, pro-social rights guy. I love him. That’s why societal issues were always a big part of Marvel comics from their earliest era. And that only became ever more and more prevalent as time went on. Marvel was the first comic to dare to have openly gay superheroes, and didn’t turn away from that.

    Yet in this Age of Stupidity, Marvel Now has embraced the Mainstream Homogeneity and comics are now more about superheroes biffing things than anything else. They’ve taken over DC’s old position. Whereas DC, ever since the New 52, seems to be becoming the new Marvel. It’s taking me some time to adjust to this, since I don’t know a whole lot about DC.

    I can only imagine that Stan Lee is genuinely depressed to see his progressive company turned into an idiocy mill.

    I remember in 2001, when Marvel hired Grant Morrison to write the X-Men because they wanted to boost the intellectual worth of the IP. Grant did something really amazing, essentially, he had the Phoenix Force see humanity at its worst: Xenophobia and hatred borne of the desire for self-preservation. A comic book actually understood that self preservation was the root of all evil when it comes to us humans, that babies fight in the womb to survive, attempting to kill the other so that they’ll live. This was actually covered within the story, it was the first I’d heard about it, and I looked into it to see whether it was a thing and not just fiction. (It is, indeed, a thing.)

    So the Phoenix Force, now having returned to the /root of reality, decided that it was going to tamper with the code of reality to remove the self preservation instinct, or at least lessen it, to change it enough to make sure that xenophobic hatred could never have happened in the first place. It was Grant Morrison’s gift to Marvel, and considering the history of the X-Men, the most bloody clever thing to do, since they could finally move on to other issues rather than just the discrimination they’d been harping on about for four decades. The X-Men could now explore other social issues.

    In the current climate of cloying shallowness and puerility, that couldn’t happen. In fact, all of Marvel’s characters have been reduced to one-dimensional caricatures of themselves to suit readers with a lower average intellect.

    I just… I’ve had enough.

    Why is it so wrong for comics to be intelligent? Why can’t we have more Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, and so on? And less Bendis, Miller, and so on?

    Oh, and if you don’t buy that comics are becoming more perverted and less smart? Apparently, Power Man kicking Elektra in the vagina is suitable reading for kids these days. Thanks for that, Bendis, you depraved fucker.

    Hey kids! Cool superheroes kick women in the vag!


    #5 8 months ago
  6. ManuOtaku

    If i were them i will consider mercurysteam and Ninja Theory, also rocksteady will be an obvious choice, but i do think they want to do a different thing for now on.

    #6 8 months ago

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