Skullgirls: Encore character Fukua started as a joke, but may stay in the game

Tuesday, 1 April 2014 21:20 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Skullgirls: Encore has been updated with a new character called Fukua, who can clone herself to dish out plenty of harm. The character started out as an April Fool’s Joke, but according to Lab Zero Games, if the players like her, she may be able to stay.

Speaking with Siliconera, the studios’s CEO Peter Bartholow said the team will leave Fukua in the game, to watch “fan reaction, as so far everyone seems to be having fun with her and wants her to stay.”

A final decision regarding her fate should be made within a “week or so” in order to ensure her newness isn’t “influencing” players decisions. Should she stay on, she will be a free character.

“And we’ll never charge for her. If the community wants to keep her, she’ll stay in the game and we’ll roll her out on consoles with the Eliza patch,” he said.

Her moves are outlined over on Steam.