Xbox One digital features like game loaning may return

Tuesday, 25th March 2014 22:25 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Xbox One was announced with a suite of since-cancelled features like digital game loaning, which may make a return, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said.


Gamespot asked Spencer about features like family sharing and game loaning, which were axed when gamers reacted badly to the concept of an always-online, DRM-driven console platform. The executive’s response gives some hope for those features making a comeback, despite Microsoft’ startling u-turn.

“We are now fully heads down on thinking about and building out the future of our digital marketplace to enable what people would expect, and hopefully some things that will delight them beyond their expectations,” Spencer said.

“I know when I say this I always get beat up, but I think some of what we were trying to say last summer was right.”

Although Microsoft is now committed to retail and offline gaming, Spancer said the company believes in “a digital future” for the Xbox One.

“We understand what games you own and who you are and how you move around and who you might want to loan rights to your games or gift your games to,” Spencer said.

“We totally believe in that future. And any other marketplace you play in, these kind of mechanisms are out there.”

He’s right – think of Steam’s family sharing feature.

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  1. Doppleganger

    Dumb ass consumers destroyed the Xbone. Should have been like this since day one and the console shouldn’t have had an optical drive. useless.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. bobnice


    I know. I think I’ve only used my xbox one disk drive one time in the last 4 months and it was for watching an old movie. In fact all movies I watch now are either on Netflix or on demand. As for games, I’ve gone all digital now as well as all my friends. It’s just way too convent to speak the title and have it launch and switch games instantly. I love having a digital steam like library on my xbone.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. FreeZZa

    The optical drive was mandatory to me. I like most of games on a disc and I also own over 100 blu-rays and I’d like to watch them on my Xbox One.
    Regarding everything else, I agree with #1. I disagreed with some stuff that MS had planned. Not being able to loan a disc, for example. But family sharing and game gifting were such great ideas and I hope they bring thos features back.

    #3 9 months ago
  4. Legendaryboss

    You two are in the minority considering MS wants to make a product for the majority.

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.

    #4 9 months ago
  5. The_Red

    Translation: Yeah, we would love to bring back our DRM and anti-consumer features in the near future. Why? Because digital loaning and such require those assholish DRM features.

    Seriously, the way people defended them and some even here think MS was really going to do good with those features are either dreamers, idiots or paid shills. MS will NEVER, EVER make something like Steam, let alone a super safe and open online environment that allows real digital loaning and such.

    #5 9 months ago
  6. OlderGamer



    #6 9 months ago
  7. Arnvidr

    Family sharing and game gifting, not to mention the so-called “digital future” does NOT depend on implementing the abhorrent DRM policies Microsoft announced last year. Smart move on their part to remove these features with the DRM removal, so that people would defend their DRM practices for them when they removed the actual features from the console.

    Not that anyone understands.

    #7 9 months ago
  8. piss4sucks

    i trust whatever microsoft do is for the best so whatever hey do im happy with you cunts should all just have some faith in them they always follow through and make people happy

    #8 9 months ago
  9. ignoreLander

    Beautiful…. How many people predicted MS would turn tail until a suitable number of XB1s were sold, then promptly bring back the DRM, always online, snooping and spying, and any other unsavory features? And like clockwork, it’s coming! Fools who bought this thing….

    #9 9 months ago

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