World of Warcraft: level 90 boosters will have restricted skills, Hazzikostas confirms

Wednesday, 26th February 2014 08:42 GMT By Dave Cook

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor will give players the option of boosting one character to level 90 so they can partake in all the new content, or if they prefer, pay $60 to boost additional characters. The move raised concerns of unfair progression, but lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas has confirmed that boosters will see some penalties for their short-cut.

It follows yesterday’s insight from Hazzikostas, in which he explained that the boosters $60 price-point was established as to not devalue the manual levelling effort. Hit the link to see what he said.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Hazzikostas explained, “Boosted characters are going to have a structured process where we actually restrict and lock a lot of their abilities. Then we’ll continue to unlock them as they continue to level and get experience past 90. So imagine a boosted mage that starts out with just fireball, polymorph, and frost nova on their bar.

“Then as they progress they unlock a few more abilities and then a few more until you have everything. Kind of like the deathknight progress, it’s something that allows you to understand how to play your class at max level. We understand that for someone who’s never played a mage before and suddenly has 25 abilities – it’s just not ideal.”

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  1. NocturnalB

    Maybe it’s just because I haven’t been in the game in a good 1.5 – 2 years, but who gives a damn about a boosted character? The only character I’d boost would be a class I’ve never played extensively/at all. But if I was going to play a class I had little to know experience with I’d rather level them up myself.

    And I never bought into the whole “You can boost and still learn the class in the 10 levels between you and max level.” theory. Not to mention the great stories/quests you’d be missing out on.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. TheWulf


    It’s a move made out of desperation. They’re beholden to their shareholders, who’re seeing a drastic drop in subscriptions, and thus profits. So they’re trying to make money in any way they can. In this instance, they’re preying on existing players who have altitis, who’re going to buy into this just to skip the grind.

    Though, at $60, one would hope that most human beings would have enough self respect and dignity to not allow themselves to be exploited by that. But I’ve seen evidence to the contrary all too often. It just makes me wonder what kind of madcap scheme they’re going to come up with to exploit their existing players next.

    I’m still waiting for the bombshell to drop where they have an exclusive, rare mount that used to be a raid drop which now goes for a mix of in-game currency and item store tokens. Or have they done that all ready?

    #2 10 months ago
  3. NeoGalaxy

    I think you’re making a confusion here. The point is that after level 100, it will be very very very very hard if not impossible for new players to join the game. Why? Quite simple, imagine a new player leveling, without friends, without help from level 1 to level 90… it’s going to be a nightmare at least. Thus probably not many will do it, maybe 1-2% will try it. At this point WoW can no longer attract new players. And since they will continue with this shit way above level 100, they have plans for 3-5 more expansions that’s probably around level 150. Yes the game is great, it’s amazing, the quests are amazing, but maybe some players are tired. Just maybe, some a very tired. Like me, I’ll just stop playing, if my friends see me no longer playing they might do the same and sooo the “lego” effect will make a strong ripple in the subscription numbers.

    In regard with the shareholders the problem is not the shareholders, the problem is the sum they burrowed. 7.5 biliards in dollars, that must be someday payed. Each 3 month that sum is increasing with at least 0.5%, maybe 1% per each 5 month. Even 1% per year is a lot. Thus that’s the main problem, not the shareholders. The loan is the major problem. Blizzard has an issue with making games, they can make games only based on their heroes because only that sells their games. Which is a mistake since they make something new and try to sell it. But now, they need to use internal engines, internal lore and internal everything so they can lower the expenses.

    Now in regard with the boost, it’s 60$, thus 60 euros in our side, that’s 6 months of montly subscription. Now, from my point of view, any player with less than 8 chars per account is going to use it. And for a WoW player, having less than 8 90′s at this point is probably very very rare. Which it means they have no interest in using this “service”. This “service” is for the US players, the people with lots of money, free time and nothing important in their lives. EU players are different since we gain less money and our prices are well more expensive than the US ones. To be honest since we see the shop menu being showned on almost everythere, we see the signs that WoW is no longer making money. Probably WoW no longer has a bigger income like in previous years. Thus WoW needs to see more mounts, more pets and something more to keep a positive income. Thus the “leveling services” are going to appear. Exactly like an AH on Diablo, this is going to be the boost to level 90 :).

    #3 10 months ago

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