Phoenix Online to publish Jane Jensen’s Moebius: Empire Rising

Thursday, 20th February 2014 14:57 GMT By Matt Martin

Cognition developer Phoenix Online Studios will begin publishing games with an emphasis on titles that feature rich storytelling.

The studio, known for indie hits Cognition and The Silver Lining, has inked a deal with four games across PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen’s Moebius: Empire Rising is due April 15th, followed by RPG Quest for Infamy, horror adventure The Last Door: Collector’s Edition and adventure/puzzler Lost Civilisation.

“By shining the spotlight on independent game developers, and providing the full range of business management, marketing, and promotional services they need to support their creative vision, we’re proud to provide studios a lasting foundation for success, and bring players the deeper, richer, and more engaging game experiences that they crave,” said the company in a statement.



  1. TheWulf

    I’ve been playing previews of this, since I was a backer, and I have to say that it’s an intriguing thing. The character and writing are very, very typically Jensen, as much as they could be, so if you’ve played any of her games then you know what to expect. But the adventure game mechanics are… fascinating. It could suggest another way forward, other than just inventory puzzles.

    I’m glad to see innovation in that particular genre, to be honest, since there are very good reasons as to why the adventure game genre in its original form died off.

    #1 10 months ago

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