Titanfall: all 50 Burn Cards revealed, image gallery compiled by players

Wednesday, 19th February 2014 09:08 GMT By Dave Cook

Titanfall’s Burn Cards are collectible after matches and offer players a perk for one life before being discarded. There are 50 cards in total and gamers have taken it upon themselves to compile a list of them all.

It follows the leaking of Titanfall’s official art book, which contains images of giant alien monsters that will apparently attack players in some maps. It’s currently unclear what role the beasts will play, but we’ll hopefully know more soon.

The movement began on Reddit, where user Druidika started to compile the full list of cards, with input from NeoGAF members.

You’ll find the gallery of 44 Titanfall Burn Cards here. The final six weren’t captured but you’ll find them in the list below.

  1. Bottomless Frags
  2. Shock Rocks
  3. (Amped Arc Mine?)
  4. (Amped Satchel Charge?)
  5. Amped RE-45
  6. Amped P2011
  7. (Amped B3 Wingman?)
  8. Amped Smart Pistol
  9. (Amped C.A.R. SMG?)
  10. Amped R97
  11. Amped EVA-8
  12. Amped R-101C
  13. (Amped Hemlok BF-R?)
  14. (Amped G2A4?)
  15. Amped LMG
  16. Amped DMR
  17. Amped Kraber
  18. Amped Sidewinder
  19. Amped Archer
  20. Amped Mag Launcher
  21. Amped Charge Rifle
  22. Active Camo
  23. Ghost Squad (Rare)
  24. Prosthetic Legs
  25. Smuggled Stimulant
  26. Adrenaline Transfusion (Rare)
  27. Spider Sense
  28. Packet Sniffer
  29. Aural Implant
  30. Echo Vision (Rare)
  31. Satellite Uplink
  32. Map Hack (Rare)
  33. Double Agent
  34. Conscription
  35. WiFi Virus
  36. Massive Payload
  37. Rematch
  38. Super Charger
  39. Spectre Camo (Rare)
  40. Decisive Action
  41. Pull Rank
  42. Outsource
  43. Fast Learner
  44. Thin The Ranks
  45. Urban Renewal
  46. Most Wanted List
  47. Titan Salvage
  48. Atlas Refurb (Rare)
  49. Reserve Ogre (Rare)
  50. Spare Stryder (Rare)

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  1. DeVitowned

    I like the idea of them populating the worlds with wildlife, whether hostile or not. Adds a bit of immersion to the experience, and a sense of danger.

    While I haven’t the chance to play it (nor will I soon), I really hope it turns out to be something special.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. mark6IKX

    The last 3 cards allow you to use the titan in battle, only for your next titan fall. I was lucky and actually got the reserve ogre and atlus refurb. At first I had no idea what they were as I used the atlas and didn’t notice a difference. But then when I used the reserve ogre I noticed that when my titan dropped it was a different model. And whilst I didn’t use it long as I was playing last titan standing, it was slightly slower than the atlus, but it withstood more damage. Even the interior looked different. Unfortunately I didn’t get the stryder card which I really wanted to try.

    DeVitowned the game was fantastic, at first glance I wasn’t at all impressed, to me it looked like another fps. But after playing the beta all weekend I can honestly say that it is refreshingly new. Its very fast and hectic but also feels so right, the weapons are so balanced and the titans feel brutal. The maps are the perfect size and density, leaving room for pilots, and for cqc and long range titan battles. Even the AI works so well. Its a hard experience to explain. But I honestly think you should have a go whenever possible to feel it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

    #2 10 months ago

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