Free-to-play Ace Combat Infinity begins PS3 open beta today

Tuesday, 4th February 2014 14:22 GMT By Phil Owen

Namco Bandai’s free-to-play cooperative flight sim Ace Combat Infinity is now live on the PS3 via the PlayStation Network in beta form in Europe, Sony announced today.


Play will begin with some solo missions designed to in theory give you a handle on how to play, and then from there you’ll fight alongside other humans against AI in a race to the high score. You can find the beach volleyball scene from Top Gun through this link.



  1. SlayerGT

    Moment of truth

    #1 10 months ago
  2. Lloytron

    Ummm, is it a joke I don’t get? The Beta feedback link goes to a story about Nintendo’s decline.

    #2 10 months ago
  3. Phil Owen

    @Lloytron I’m just dumb. These things just happen sometimes when I do stuff at 6 in the morning.

    #3 10 months ago
  4. SlayerGT

    @Phil Owen I already botched up 5 gallons of lacquer this morning…it’s the moon’s fault. Only explanation..

    #4 10 months ago
  5. SlayerGT

    No replays! BOOOOOO!

    #5 10 months ago

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