Retro City Rampage will be released for 3DS in February

Saturday, 25th January 2014 20:36 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Retro City Rampage will be released through Nintendo’s eShop for 3DS in February, the game’s developer Brian Provinciano announced on Twitter. The game was previously released through WiiWare and on PS Vita. A specific date could not be provided by Provinciano, but when it releases, it will run you $9.99. Thanks, Game Informer.



  1. loveaya

    Excellent indie game but too violent for Nintendo Players :>

    #1 11 months ago
  2. X14EVR

    why they releasing a crappy pc game on 3ds anyway?
    will people buy it? no because they no one even has a 3ds to begin with they might aswell release it on the wiiu dreamcast and ps4

    #2 11 months ago
  3. Obernox


    #3 11 months ago
  4. fihar

    Damn, dude.
    That’s hilarious.

    #4 11 months ago
  5. NocturnalB


    The 3DS has sold well and the games are flying, it’s actually highly popular in my area, and every since New Year’s, my local gaming community has gone Vita crazy.

    #5 11 months ago
  6. game_on

    No one has a 3DS? Did you do any research to back that statement? Last time I checked it was the best selling piece of hardware for many months in a row.

    #6 11 months ago
  7. maritza stokes

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