Skywind trailer shows off latest improvements to Morrowind-reconstructing Skyrim mod

Wednesday, 22nd January 2014 22:15 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Here’s another video showing off Skywind, an ambitious mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim aiming to fully recreate the experience of Morrowind, the third and possibly best-loved core entry in the series.

Called Savagery, the trailer features a fair bit of combat. It shows off features and improvements which aren’t available in the public build yet, but will be released in the 0.9.1 update. No release date has been set.

To get the mod, learn more about the project and even volunteer your services to help it come to life, visit the Morroblivion website.

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  1. boothegreat

    This is seriously the only game coming out that i’m excited for, and it’s a friggin mod.

    #1 11 months ago
  2. Darkfield

    Aye, need to point out, you’d still need the Steam version of Skyrim and Morrowind game of the year edition (or was it complete edition) once the mod is out.

    #2 11 months ago
  3. YoungZer0

    Why would you need Morrowind? Doesn’t seem to make sense.

    #3 11 months ago
  4. TheWulf


    There are a lot of good mods for Morrowind that will never make it over to Skywind due to needing voice actors for it.

    One of the most memorable moments of RPG gaming history for me was being able to join Dagoth-Ur. He was always a ‘shades of grey’ character, never truly evil (well, unless the player in question has a completely black & white morality and is unable to parse the subtext of the game). And that mod was one of the better written ones, almost Obsidian-level.

    That’s the kind of thing you’d miss out on.

    It makes me wonder now how many people thought that Dagoth-Ur was simply an evil figure, to be destroyed? It reminds me of the Reapers. Throughout Mass Effect they seemed like brainwashed drones to me controlled by some greater intelligence. I posted here on VG24/7 plenty of times before the Leviathan DLC came along (proving me right).

    And then many people opted for destroy out of a sense of ‘justice,’ without ever realising that dim-witted black & white morality lead them to ignore the true criminals of the piece (the Leviathans). The Catalyst was just trying to follow damn near impossible objectives which it had to obey, the Reapers were being thought-controlled by the Catalyst (which is why the all shared the same opinion on the cycle), and the Leviathans were responsible for it all.

    Ask most, though, and the Reapers were these evil abominations that had to be destroyed.

    I guess one of the gifts I do have, perhaps to make up for the poor state of my physical self, is insight and understanding.

    Such as it was with the Reapers, it is with Dagoth-Ur. And in Skywind, I’d have to destroy Dagoth-Ur. So! Whilst I love these people and I respect what they’re doing (so much), it isn’t the Morrowind for me. Not yet, anyway. One day, probably, but not yet.

    #4 11 months ago

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