Anno Online update adds Monuments to the free-to-play, browser-based world-builder

Tuesday, 21st January 2014 16:43 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Anno Online players can now use the new Monuments feature in the free-to-play, browser-based world-building strategy game, Blue Byte has announced.

The feature allows players to unlock and build huge structures which will also net additional tech trees and extra bonuses. Your friends can help you build these through multiplayer.

By completing a quest chain, players will gain knowledge points and unlock the new buildings with the Library being the first monument available.

A monument can have up to three construction phases and players will need to “manually deliver goods to the construction site” and search the game for special construction components.

The Tech tree, which appears after the Library’s completion, consists of several branches that can be unlocked for Knowledge Points and contains the ability to use six different types of Botanical Garden, each one giving a specific buff or bonus.

Everything there is to know about the new update can be found through the official website.



  1. UuBuU

    Damn ~ why cant SP RTS games look this nice??

    Online free-to-play puts me off though. If its anything like Stronghold Kingdoms that means pay-to-win ~ or worse ~ pay to derive any kind of enjoyment past a certain point when they think you’re hooked.

    #1 11 months ago
  2. TRoar

    Those graphics are sensational!

    I’d play a single player game that looked like that, I’m not a fan of free-to-play too.

    #2 11 months ago

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