PS4 vs Xbox One: console specs are “fairly marginal,” says Microsoft

Wednesday, 15th January 2014 11:26 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 specs only have a marginal difference, according to a Microsoft Australasia executive.

It comes from Gameplanet’s interview with Microsoft’s Australasian vice president of retail sales & marketing Alan Bowman.

While reflecting on the differences offered by Xbox One, Bowman explained, “We’ve got a unique value proposition, and from just a pure specs perspective it’s always gonna be a fairly marginal difference. The purists are gonna argue the toss, but I think it comes down to the games.”

He added, “You’re gonna see great exclusive games on Xbox One, and when you look at the cross-platform games, and there’s gonna be exclusive content on Xbox One. We’d like to be in more markets – this is a global business – but it’s also a long-term business, and we’ll progressively launch in more markets over the coming year.”

Bowman also commented on Xbox One in Japan, and he wasn’t as positive. Last year I interviewed a pair of Japanese indies on how the Xbox brand is perceived in Japan, and the feedback wasn’t good.

“That has been an ongoing challenge,” he concluded. “Being a local brand makes such a huge difference in Japan. Sony are so strong in Japan as its their home base, and they certainly get a lot of support from the customer as well as the ecosystem – the local third-party developers, who primarily publish for Sony.

“We had moments midway through the life of the 360 where we’d see a sales spike if we had Japanese developer content released. Japan is very [local] content-driven. Same applies for Korea, same applies to Taiwan. Most of north Asia is very content-driven.”

Do you think 2014 will be a big year for Xbox One? Let us know below.

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  1. OmegaSlayer

    It’s fun that Microsoft executives didn’t preach this story in the PS3/360 gen.

    #1 11 months ago
  2. Christopher Jack

    Bloody hate exclusive content, you get the impression that they simply cut it from the other platforms.

    #2 11 months ago
  3. monkeygourmet

    Sony killed it by getting a more powerful console to market at a decent price.

    (They have basically swapped places this gen compared to the PS3 / 360)

    I would have liked to see more power from both consoles though, but MS really let the side down in that respect.

    It seems like a ‘Frankensteins Monster’ of a console.

    #3 11 months ago
  4. mistermogul

    Xbox you lost me, sorry.

    #4 11 months ago
  5. Goffee

    A unique value proposition is great, but not if most of it only works in the States…

    #5 11 months ago
  6. Fin

    “vice president of retail sales & marketing”

    Yup, this guy should know what he’s talking about re tech specs.

    #6 11 months ago
  7. mistermogul

    @5 – that’s exactly what I thought.

    You can tell MS are mostly concentrated on the US market and it shows in their decisions and hardware.

    #7 11 months ago
  8. Joe Musashi

    If the difference in machines is marginal, why is that not reflected in the difference in their pricing? Specifically.


    #8 11 months ago
  9. Arnvidr

    @2 Agreed. From my standpoint in creates scorn, more than it drives buying decisions. Last generation it seemed like MS was more guilty of this, but it looks like it’s an even race at the moment. If you can’t pony up the cash to make a game exclusive, let everyone have the full game already. Publishers who take the cash for it are annoying me.

    #9 11 months ago
  10. Dragon

    #10 11 months ago
  11. diek.bauer

    Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS4 native 1080p, X1 native 720p… I rest my case.

    #11 11 months ago
  12. MrSec84

    The difference in hardware speaks for itself & that’s why MS have been so insecure about it.

    I don’t think they thought Sony would go the route they have.
    Which I guess is understandable given that they didn’t with PS2 or PS3, they made machines that were notoriously more difficult to program for than the competition, while PS3 was more powerful, but more complicated to develop on, as a result MS had the upper hand in most multiplats & that was with a 25% power lead on Sony’s side, so 1st party games showed the difference.

    Now Sony’s got about a 50%, maybe higher difference, when you take both the GPU & RAM difference into the equation & it’s easy for developer to use that difference.
    With sales going in Sony’s favor, without Sony even launching in Japan yet MS is only going to get more insecure as time goes on.

    Of course Xbox One will sell well, but it won’t be the market leader, obviously MS has failed to achieve that for 2 generations now, Sony’s had it with PS1 & 2, Nintendo had it with Nes, Snes, Wii & 3DS, Sony’s got a platform that will take them back to the days of PS1 & 2.

    #12 11 months ago
  13. Gheritt White

    “…it’s always gonna be a fairly marginal difference”

    …if the specs have level parity with each other, but I think the cross-platform games released over Xmas conclusively proved that the PS4 outshines the XB1 in an obviously noticeable way.

    #13 11 months ago
  14. schrodinger_cat

    oh no…briliant PR from Microsoft returns
    Why they feel obligated to say such dumb statements — beyond my imagination
    Just say things as it is or sit quiet

    #14 11 months ago
  15. xxxGamesMasterxxx

    As a 360 gamer, I was hyped for Xbox One until they unveiled it at E3. I was so disappointed, Just got myself a PS4 and its awesome. I’m now a converted Sony fan.

    #15 11 months ago
  16. CycloneFox

    The console generation has only just begun and the games that really bring the hardware of each console shouldn’t be out, yet, but all XBox One games already have to run at 720 – 900p, while, except for Battlefield 4, running at 900p, all PS4 games run in 1080p. And this time, there is no PS3, with a complicated system architecture and no API, but two consoles, which are fairly similar to PCs.

    I think that is a very big difference at the start already. Last gen, because of the mentioned conditions, most multi platform games looked slightly worse on the PS3, but the resolution mostly remained the same and first party titles on the PS3 were even far ahead, but this time, the first few multi platform games have that much of a difference, already.

    I admint, because of the PS2 and 3, I’m a fan of Sony, see things like the lot of first-party studios, Remote-Play, PS Plus and Cross buy as a selling factor and hate Microsoft for all the mistakes with Windows, the Internet Explorer, GFWL, etc. So, I can’t be totally objective here. But as a PC gamer and core-gamer, I see the potential of the hardware and even the slightest differences in resolution and what that might bring with it in the future as the biggest selling factor of all.

    #16 11 months ago
  17. mistermogul

    Just the fact they feel they have to keep coming out defending xb1 with these comments makes it look like they feel inadequate with it…

    @15 – Same. MS just put me off the more they said and did over the whole of 2013. Sony did the opposite and impressed me. I have now also turned to the dark side and it feels good!

    #17 11 months ago
  18. Legendaryboss

    That console specs viewpoint would hold more merit but reality disagrees:
    A. If it wasn’t for the fact that the cheapest console is also the most powerful console and the weakest console is also the most expensive console.
    B. This was coming from a tech guy but no instead vice president of retail sales & marketing.

    But i will say this MS is making/publishing a lot more future AAA Xbox One games than Sony at this moment, of course this is subject to change for better or worse.

    #18 11 months ago
  19. mistermogul

    @18 “But i will say this MS is making/publishing a lot more future AAA Xbox One games than Sony at this moment”

    I agree but MS did the same at the beginning of the 360′s life. They went after solid content and exclusives but towards the end of the consoles life were a lot less focused on the core gamer with Kinect and a lack of quality exclusives, especially when compared to Sony.

    As the xbone is new I am worried they may be doing the same thing. Trying hard to get the core gamer on board then in a few years start tailing off into other entertainment, TV etc to try and attract other users. This will again be to the detriment of the core gamer.

    With Sony’s large 1st party developer base I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they lift the lid on a lot of exclusives we know they are working on.

    #19 11 months ago
  20. Legendaryboss

    I know but that is how things are right now, MS have the upper hand in this department until Sony fights back. This is why i’m certain this will be subject to change, its not like Sony studios have to work on anything else such as PS3 or a nearly two year old remote play handheld.

    #20 11 months ago
  21. RussellGorall

    Where the hell is Australasian?

    #21 11 months ago
  22. Fin


    Australia, NZ, Pacific islands.

    #22 11 months ago
  23. gigantor21

    MS really needs to stop engaging this debate.

    #23 11 months ago
  24. BlockheadBrown

    @23 – You’re right. Focus on the games.

    #24 11 months ago
  25. PunishMeHard73

    Ms has lost another Xbox supporter. I love my ps4 now.

    #25 11 months ago
  26. Ilovesony

    At this point anyone who bought a Sockbox One was either a stupid fanboy, mentally retarded, in denial, or couldnt get a PS4… My friend works at gamestop and he told me the main reason Sockbox One sold was because they had no more ps4s in stock… Microsoft really dropped the ball on this one.. and PS4 is clearly the winner… yes games are a very important factor but installer base, a lower price, and better system are all the key ingredients to the success of the PS4 and with japan release coming up soon… the gap will get bigger and bigger between these systems. Sony was on point this time.. and I predict this system will break the record set by the PS2. But of course some microsoft fanboy will probably try and rebute this knowing in his heart that his system is shitty.. cause “Thats how Xbox people are” – Stan Marsh

    #26 11 months ago
  27. Hcw87

    I hope to god Sony pays you. Otherwise that’s just sad, dude.

    #27 11 months ago
  28. Ilovesony

    @27 whats sad about my opinion….

    #28 11 months ago
  29. Ilovesony

    its sad that I know my stuff… or is it sad that I have stated facts…let me know exactly what part of that was sad? Im more then prepared to tear you alive…

    #29 11 months ago
  30. Hcw87

    ”At this point anyone who bought a Sockbox One was either a stupid fanboy”
    Posted by a dude calling himself ”ilovesony”. Look up hypocrite in a dictionary.

    #30 11 months ago
  31. Ilovesony

    Like I said… I knew some Stupid, retarded “Microsoft Fanboy” would comment on this… Bait and switch… look dude.. dont be mad at me cause your mommy bought you the wrong system… and just so you know I looked up Hypocrite in the dictionary… I also looked up Loser, asshole, jerkoff, Fuckboy, and just to be thorough I googled asswipe… and I must say.. You and your mom take some fucked up pictures…

    Your arms are to short to box… Move on..

    #31 11 months ago
  32. Joe Musashi

    The sexual tension here is palpable.


    #32 11 months ago
  33. Ilovesony

    @32 Not I… the name says it all…. @30 is the one with multiple personalities….going through an identity crisis…

    #33 11 months ago
  34. Ilovesony

    @32 ROFL!!!!

    #34 11 months ago
  35. Bomba Luigi

    Pretty much everybody forgett about that and the Internet stopped talking about that disadvantage of the Xbox One.

    Not sure why Microsoft had to bring it to the Table again.

    #35 11 months ago

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