IGF 2014 attracts record entrant numbers

Friday, 25th October 2013 01:53 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The next Independent Games Festival will be quite a doozy, as organisers have announced yet another record-breaking round of entrants. 656 games have been submitted for the main competition, up from last year’s 589, which was at the time the highest number of entrant to date. The festival’s award show is using a different format this year, dropping the Technical Excellence category to allow for six finalists in each category. The IGF Awards take place during GDC in San Francisco in March.

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  1. ctankep

    Disappointing –

    IGF should encourage technical excellence & innovation because it’s what helps to expand th’ bounds o’ gameplay. Unlike other plastic arts to which th’ whole indie scene aspires to belong ., computer games are a technological medium an’ one where process intensity or elegance ought to be recognised. Not surprising coming from th’ US indie scene which holds retrograde ideas an’ running a profitable business in higher esteem than original game design.

    For that they had to make th’ “Neuvo” category which is just perverse. Excellence an’ originality o’ ideas should be celebrated in th’ indie space over whether somebody can draw well using a Wacom tablet. I really don’t understand th’ importance o’ facile awards like excellence in “visual art” or th’ “audience choice” one. It’s like comparing who has th’ nicest wallpaper in their apartment. In th’ end th’ IGF is now much like any other commercial award: not for recognition o’ our best an’ brightest but instead metered out diligently in a discriminatory fashion to those deserving o’ th’ marketing an’ whoever plays nice on th’ indie mailing list.


    TGS “Sense o’ Wonder” night does a much better job each year o’ giving exposure to new ideas an’ game makers. Most o’ th’ IGF finalists are already well covered in th’ press an’ have th’ connections in place to ensure publicity for their product. Until recently you were also able to re -enter your submission even if you’d previously won in that category. How is that fair or productive giving out awards to your friends who’d already won before for th’ exact same game?

    Th’ US indie scene has become a big circle -jerk an’ apart from Jonathan Blow an’ a handful o’ individuals th’ design ideas are stagnant without any effort made to utilise th’ medium to it’s potential. Most o’ these games could have been made on th’ SNES an’ th’ whole pixel 2D “Super Metroid” knock -off formula was tiring then an’ is tiring now. People have lost th’ ability to dream well an’ chase th’ dragon as we stand around ., get drunk like teenagers & applaud.

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