Total War: Rome 2 video walks you through campaign mode as Carthage

Thursday, 25th July 2013 14:18 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Total War: Rome 2 has a new “Let’s Play video” available focusing this time on the campaign mode.

In the video below, Trish Ryniak and campaign designer Dom Starr from Creative Assembly discuss factions, diplomacy and the campaign map.

Starr talks you through some of the factions, houses and traits and how your starting choice could influence your entire game.

You also get a glimpse of some of the inner workings of the cities through the latest in-progress campaign as Carthage.

Total War: Rome 2 is due on PC on September 3.



  1. studentofhistory

    I boycotting this one Because in the last Civilization V game that I played Hannibal was portrayed as White which is totally inaccurate.

    Now they are saying he is an Arab lol what nonsense. Carthage was an ancient BLack civilization. Carthegian general Hannibal was a BLack man.
    A Black General. From Africa/Carthage that almost defeated mighty Rome. Now they are saying he is an Arab lol what?

    Rome messed up and so did Civ V or was it 4. They really drew attention to this subject when they made him white lol…..

    Ever seen the temptations the movie about the black musicians in the 60′s yea, Hollywood wanted them to release an album cover with not their picture but a photo of some white kids playing at the beach lol same thing here. Another attempt to white wash history. Well sry you can do your own research and find out that this guy was Black not white and certainly not Arabic they don’t even claim him lol. Arabs don’t even claim this guy he was not Semetic lol.. Ever heard of Black man who is still white yea they come up with all sorts of crazyniss to deny Blacks any moral or self resepcet that their ancestor achieved greatness in antiquity.. Ever heard of the “”"”Hamitic”"” Black man look it up lol…

    You will find out this phrase was coined by a guy named Segliman.
    Much like this and Hannibal look it up…

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Casanovaelrey

    Before we play Total War: Rome 2, Black folks, let’s get something clear. Being from Africa does not make you any more Black than does being from Asia make you Oriental (Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, and China are all in the same continent). Case and point. The two African empires portrayed in Rome II are transplant empires.

    Carthage, while racially and ethnically diverse, was a PHONETICIAN city, established as a Phonetician colony in Northern Africa. Meaning the nobles were SEMITIC. Not White, not Arabic, not Hamitic (Black), SEMITIC! In case you don’t know where the Phonetician states were located, they were located in present day Lebanon/Southern Syria. The Carthaginians did intentionally marry nobles from the local people (so some ethnically mixed descendants could have came from that but it was most restricted to the lesser Phonetician nobles); but those locals were Berbers and Tauregs NOT Sub-Saharan Africans, or at least extremely unlikely and in few numbers if so (remember the Saharan desert was more impassible then than it is now and we have cars).

    The same with Egypt. 1. Egyptians were not Black. They were Egyptians. They had Black citizens and even a few Black Pharaohs but they were different people, which they illustrated several times by dividing Libyans, themselves, Nubians (the Blacks that they had contact with), and Semitics (Jews, Babylonians, etc.) into separate races. Something they wouldn’t have done if the were in fact “Black”. 2. The last dynasty of Egypt was the Ptolemaic dynasty to which Cleopatra belonged. She was from Macedon as was the namesake of the dynasty,Ptolemy I. They explicitly did NOT race mix as did the Carthaginians, because they did not want to De-Hellenize or “pollute” their bloodline with non-Greek ancestry. She was from the people who were the ancestors to the Slavic people of present day Macedonia therefore she was WHITE! Get over it.

    I am all for fighting white washing of history and the marginalization of Black historical figures but stop culture stealing to make yourselves feel more important about yourselves. It makes you look weak and out of touch with reality and facts.

    White folks too. Jesus wasn’t White (nor was he Black for that matter). He was an Aramaic speaking SEMITE! Let it go. He was olive/brown skinned and probably didn’t have long flowing brown hair (shout out to that weak TV series “The Bible”). Okay that was a little off topic but I had to get this off my chest. Let’s be clear, Afro-centrists are just as stupid and retarded as Euro-centrists (Neo Nazis, Aryan nationalists, etc.).


    Back to this game though. Total War: Rome 2 is going to be bananas. I can’t wait for class to be over tomorrow so I can pick it up.

    #2 1 year ago

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