“Launching on Kickstarter UK day one was a bad idea” – Kung Fu Superstar dev

Tuesday, 9 July 2013 23:02 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Kinesthetic Games founder Kostas Zarifis believes crowdfunding efforts for his Kinect fighter Kung Fu Superstar were hampered by Kickstarter UK’s early launch issues.

“Launching on Kickstarter UK day one was a bad idea,” Zarifis said at the Develop conference in Brighton.

The developer said Kickstarter’s UK portal launched with a poor payment interface, with confusing currency conversions. He believes that if he had waited until Kickstarter ironed out these issues, the project might have been successful.

That said, Zarifis admitted that Kung Fu Superstar was a “niche market” game, and that Kinesthetic didn’t help itself out by implementing a confusing reward tier structure.

Happily, the story does have a happy ending; Kinesthetic has secured funding for two projects, having drawn sufficient attention to itself via the Kickstarter.