NIS America to publish more Atlus games in Europe after new deal

Tuesday, 9 April 2013 08:06 GMT By Dave Cook

Atlus will be bringing more of its titles to European shores following a deal with publisher NIS America. It seems fans of series like Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei and much more will have a lot to look forward to in future.

Having just published Persona 4: Golden earlier this year, and Etrian Odyssey IV further down the line, NIS America’s new deal will see many titles head to Europe within a reasonable timeframe, not many months or years after their initial release.

Siliconera got in touch with the publisher to get a statement on the matter.

Vice president of European businessTakuro Yamashita replied, “NISA’s European producer approached Atlus USA to propose a partnership for publishing Atlus titles in Europe, and after discussing and finalizing everything, we came to an agreement

“NISA has self-published a large number of RPGs in Europe since 2009, and Atlus had a strong desire to license their titles to a company that had experience selling RPGs in Europe. So the talks between the two parties went very smoothly.

“Currently, the games are selected on a title-by-title basis. However, NISA is very interested in establishing a long-term relationship with Atlus to secure future titles from them.”

There you have it. What games would you like to see brought over to Europe? Let us know below.