DmC: Devil May Cry ‘Bloody Palace’ DLC is now live

Wednesday, 20 February 2013 13:32 GMT By Dave Cook

DmC: Devil May Cry developer Ninja Theory has released its free Bloody Palace DLC on PS3 and Xbox 360 today, adding 101 increasingly brutal challenge rooms into the mix.

Coming in at 201.43 MB – so you know it’s not on the disc – the content also adds five ‘brutal’ boss fights, and awards players ranks for performance, which are then uploaded to the global leaderboard. You need to complete the main story to unlock it though, just a warning.

Here’s a trailer:

We’ve got a gallery of Bloody Palace images here.

Meanwhile, DmC’s Vergil’s Downfall DLC is said to be between 3-5 hours long. We’ve got a ton of details and screens here.

Are you going to get this? Let us know below.

Thanks OXM.