RIFT: Storm Legion receives launch trailer and batch of new screens

Tuesday, 13th November 2012 15:50 GMT By Nick Akerman

Trion Worlds have revealed a plethora of assets just in time for the release of RIFT: Storm Legion. The much-anticipated title has been treated to a round of screenshots and a trailer that intend to capture your interest.

It must be said, the game looks completely mental. If you haven’t picked this up yet, filter your attention towards this video (thanks, MMORPG):

You can also check out a selection of screenshots right here. If hulking silver men are your cup of tea, this might be the perfect game for you.



  1. Karlito23

    As always, Trion always good in trailers and HD graphics! But this Rift Storm Legion is not about trailer.. there are lots of good to expect now in Telera. As what I’ve read they give too much for this expansion..

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    #1 2 years ago

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