Zynga loses two more key executives

Tuesday, 11th September 2012 02:24 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Zynga chief technical officer of infrastructure Allan Leinwand and chief marketing and revenue officer Jeff Karp have both left the social publisher.

Leinward is off to an IT solutions company called ServiceNow; GigaOm dug up Leinward’s LinkedIn profile to discover the change.

Meanwhile, AllThingsD reports Karp will stay at Zunga until September 22 in a non-executive role, and has secured a severance package. His departure is speculated to be related to that of former COO John Schappert, who hired him at Zynga.

Zynga’s stock continues to under-perform and it is the target of multiple lawsuits over its poor second quarter performance. It is bleeding senior staff.

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  1. magnumfinger

    Zynga will end up like Digg In two years, tops…

    #1 2 years ago

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