Ultima Forever: BioWare explains free-to-play model

Tuesday, 7th August 2012 09:50 GMT By Dave Cook

Ultima Forever is currently in development at BioWare and although it’s a free-to-play game, the studio is keen to stress that playing free won’t come with play time restrictions or other nasty blockades.

Speaking with IGN, BioWare’s executive producer Jeff Skalski underlines how Ultima Forever’s F2P model will help it stand out from the pack.

For starters, non-paying players will never be kicked from the game, Skalski confirms, “Keep playing to your heart’s content. I never wanted to kick players out of our game and say, ‘Hey, come back in 3 hours. Goodbye.’”

Progress wont be curtailed either Skaleski explains, “The game is wide open. You’ll need to level up to take on new challenges, but all of that can be earned by just playing the game. Purchasable items will include vanity gear, weapons, inventory space, and early access to abilities. “The only thing we won’t sell is virtue. You have to earn that!”

BioWare also recently explained that Ultima Forever is ‘pure BioWare’ and has a rick focus on story and choice.



  1. unacomn

    The fact that he actually had to compare it with those kind of games that have a limited amount of playability based on item mall cash spent, even to distance the game from them, makes me want to hurl.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. your postman

    this game should be compared with in-browser f2p mmos or f2p client mmos like those offered by pwi/nexon. comparing it to social/fb offerings (most of which are sims, not rpgs) is equally useless and detrimental to the image of this game.

    from the linked interview, what I gather is that the game features a distasteful cash shop and touch-interface priority. as a fan of neither, I don’t believe I’ll be playing this game if/when it releases.

    #2 2 years ago

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