JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD trailer is insane

Thursday, 2 August 2012 09:12 GMT By Dave Cook

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD gets a new trailer, and yes, it’s bizarre. Giant scissors, fighters shrinking, massive eagles hurting people. Check out the fun here.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD is a re-release of Capcom’s arcade brawler, and it hits PSN August 21 at $19.99 and XBLA August 22nd at 1600 MS points. We’re still waiting to hear what the European price will be.

Capcom Unity released a barrage of info on the game, and confirmed that you can switch between HD and classic graphics options and play a wealth online modes such as:

Matchmaking similar to SSFIV and MvC3, with location, skill and connection speed filters;

  • Battle Points, Player Points and global leaderboards
  • An eight-player lobby system with spectator mode
  • The option to save match replays and share them online.

And more. Now watch the trailer and relish in the madness of it all.