Warhammer 40K Dark Millennium details surface online

Thursday, 13 October 2011 16:05 GMT By Andrew Groen

Since the game was originally announced way back in 2007, THQ has been almost completely mum about Dark Millenium Online – but that changed today.

According to a purported insider source, we can expect the MMORPG on March 31, 2013. A flood of information accompanied the date, some of which we’ve quoted below.

See the full list on the Warseer forum.

* Relic is lending a very small hand in the overall development of dmo. Winking, a chinese based developer is also on board. They helped with Spacemarine as well.
* Vigil is doing 90% of the work. Most of the shared work load is art, and animation.
* Spacemarine is built on the same engine as darksiders (and darksiders 2 respectively)
* Dmo is using the same engine, with gameplay (at least combat) akin to Spacemarine.
* Contrary to what I was told, the art style is NOT like Spacemarine, rather the whole game is more like darksiders (1 & 2), very stylized. The videos released at the last E3 are fairly accurate to the current state of the art style. Less realistic.
* Revision to what I was told by the rep, is that Spring 2012 is unlikely… maybe for more announcements on the game’s progress. Though a Darsiders 2 release in spring is likely, Vigil is working on both.

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Original article by Andrew Groen, with additional updates from Brenna Hillier.