Wednesday shorts: Metal Gear Solid HD, BF3, Zelda

Wednesday, 5 October 2011 10:28 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Not much going on in the world of shorts today because it’s all quiet on the news front. Still, here’s what you have for now at least.

  • Here’s the avatar goods you get for the 360 versions of MGS: Peace Walker HD and MGS HD Collection when it releases in Japan next month.
  • Battlefield 3’s to get its own GTTV special before release involving three American Football players under military training.
  • Robin Williams magical beard has now gone from our lives thanks to a Zelda-related challenge from his daughter, Zelda.
  • This is the sweetest thing you’ll see all day. After giving him a tour of their studio and go on a tour of Alcatraz years beforehand before losing contract, Double Fine sent a hand-made get well soon card signed by the entire studio to one of its fans suffering with a brain disease.
  • What is Namco Bandai planning with the name Masquerade of Fate? Guess away.