Deus Ex: Human Revolution storming Steam charts

Monday, 29th August 2011 04:04 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The latest entry in one of PC gaming’s most beloved series is proving understandably popular on its premiere digital distribution service.

Voodoo Extreme noted Deus Ex: Human Revolution is in second place on Steam’s statistics page.

At time of writing – Steam’s quietest hour – the Eidos Montreal title has 29,585 players on Steam, but peaked at 56,099 earlier today. During busier periods, both Counter-strike titles has passed Human Revolution, but outside of multiplayer-dominated hours, Human Revolution is riding high at the top of the paid charts, with only the free-to-play, perennially popular multiplayer title Team Fortress 2 ranked higher – and not by much.

The first Deus Ex game was released exclusively for PC, although a poorly-received PS2 port was produced a few years later. The game is considered one of the highlights of the late 90′s, early 2000′s golden ear of PC gaming.

Human revolution currently holds an 89 Metacritic ranking on all three platforms; the original game sits at 90.



  1. Caleb_LK

    Deus Ex: HR is a great game and fully deserving of all the acclaim it is receiving.

    Brenna you misspelled era and it should be had passed not has. :/ I promise i’m not really a grammar nazi…

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Phoenixblight

    Well lets see its the summer hole and there are no games out right not competing against so of course people will play it. Doesn’t mean its good just means a lot of people are bored.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. ultramega

    Yes. We get it. You don’t like it. Many others do – myself included. (I think it definitely lives up to the original). But it’s an opinion. You need to stop parading your opinion around, thinking it invalidates everyone elses.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. triggerhappy

    Well I just finished my first session there, was on for about 3 hours,
    played the whole first section twice just so I could listen to that amazing music again. I can honetly say im loving it. Im about half way through the prequel novel ‘Icarus Effect’ and I seen one character I recognised in about the first 15 mins and some other nice touches, the novels brilliant too btw…

    #4 3 years ago
  5. Ireland Michael

    @4 Right now, you’re the one who seems to be getting defensive about someone not sharing your opinion.

    People are allowed to have an opinion, even if it’s a negative one.

    The game is definitely a product of hype in my opinion. It’s not bad by any stretch, but it’s definitely not everything it’s made out to be, and it’s no 9.

    #5 3 years ago
  6. ultramega

    Um… maybe you haven’t frequented enough Deus Ex articles, but every one of them has Phoenix bashing the game, and acting like his opinion is fact. He tends to do that a lot, regardless of the game, actually. As per my comment, I have no issue with other viewpoints… it’s just counter intuitive to a discussion when a select few act as if only what they have to say matters.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. On2wheels

    Nothing beats Portal 2′s numbers at release: something like 90k wasn’t it?

    Yeah, DEHR is pretty good, but it’s an 8, max.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. Ireland Michael

    @6 Yes, he has been bashing it in most articles, but nowhere has he acted like his opinion is fact. I think you’re just being over-defensive about someone expressing a critical opinion.

    #8 3 years ago
  9. Phoenixblight

    I never stated my opinion is fact. Instead I simply stated why I don’t like the game and now I actually tried and it confirms my opinion more than what I have simply stated. Linear story, horrible writing, VA, AI, all of it has been confirmed and I am glad I didn’t buy into the hype.

    Stop getting defensive about your precious. That’s good you like the game, I didn’t and its nothing like the original in fact its more restrictive than the original.

    #9 3 years ago
  10. endgame

    “During busier periods, both Counter-strike titles has passed Human Revolution, but..”? “has”?

    #10 3 years ago
  11. ultramega

    lol. “Getting defensive about your precious.”

    I never said the game was my precious, or even implied that it was perfect or anything close. I agree with the AI being shit, but I can overlook that considering the game is still very challenging regardless. (I still have no idea what “VA” stands for, by the way). And I fail to see how the story is linear, even though I haven’t had time to play through the whole thing yet, (sadly life doesn’t just revolve around video games anymore for me. I wish it could. lol.) I’ve seen the repercussions of my actions many times. And even if the story turns out to be linear, since when is that a bad thing? (There are many side quests, the world is very open, just waiting to be explored. Plus everything can be tackled multiple ways). Do people complain that games like Half-Life 2 or Ico, or Shadow of the Colossus are linear in story? No. Linearity in many cases let’s a more direct and developed story unfold (though of course, there are exceptions). And I’ve never understood the point in judging a game not focused on graphics, on its graphics. I’ll never comprehend how high polygon count = fun game… but whatever. As long as the presentation is enough to drive the gameplay, I wouldn’t care if it looked like the original. Atmosphere and mood is what matters in the end to me.

    But it’s easy to make a wall of text like I did when there really is no points to refute in your comments. Vague and unsubstantiated claims don’t leave much room for discussion.


    You’re really exaggerating my comments, and not saying anything much.

    #11 3 years ago
  12. Shubb9

    @11 Voice Acting would be my guess

    #12 3 years ago
  13. DSB

    I’m just gonna quote the thread:

    Weapons – Great
    Levelling system – Great
    Dialogue system – Great
    Hacking minigame – Great++ (Uplink inspired, genius)

    Gameplay – Middle
    Visuals – Middle
    AI – Middle to Terrible (Whatever an irrational fear of stairs is called, they’ve got it)

    Writing – Terrible
    Cutscenes – Terrible++
    Voice acting – Terrible

    Adam Jensen sounds like Keanu Reeves doing a bad Clint Eastwood impression, the AI is completely stupid, but quite true to the original, and the visual style is awesome, but the people all look and act like C3PO. The gameplay is great when it’s applied, but the sidequests have too much side, and not enough quest. The cheap cutscenes manage to ruin every high point of the story, and the writing is seemingly so bad, even the voice actors couldn’t get excited about it.

    I’d give it a 5 out of 10, personally.

    Really the writing is the most damning. If there’s one thing you have to get right with a game like this, it’s the brainfood. The setting would work, but the hack writing job just ruins it for me. It’s not a AAA production, it’s a BBB production. As in B-movie.

    #13 3 years ago
  14. Phoenixblight


    Play the game no matter what on the main plot you are not given a choice, it is on rails the only part the devs give you choice is on how you play and the side quests but main quest there are no choices. I am 13 hours in and so far this is nothing like the original on the aspect of the story. The static environment, stiff animations, long loading times and crappy voice actiong those are very much like the original but I forgive the original they tried to do something new back then. THis game does little that is new its practically as if they copy and pasted the original and just updated the graphics and art style and removed the branching story.
    And Vague claims? Yes of course thats all I give because I don’t want to spoil it for people playing it otherwise I would provide proof of these claims but I will give you an example going to a boss and after beating a boss it goes to a CGI and the story unfolds not allowing you to do anything. Apparently we are playing Square’s version of Deus Ex with CGI all the freaking time and most of them you could do without.

    Sorry but Deus Ex was never about a linear story it was always about the choices you make having consequence, well there are no choices. And the story is crap. So far the writing of this game is like they went and got a day laborer and paid them 20 bucks and told them to write a story involving 4 main areas. Did I ever claim that the graphics were the issue? No, I have said I didn’t like the art style, stiff animation and the voice-acting. That has nothing to do with polycount or anti-aliasing, or what resolution the game is.

    #14 3 years ago
  15. DSB

    I’ve been trying not to bring it up, because I don’t want to come off as a platform absolutist, but the console handprint is pretty evident all over the game if you’re playing on PC.

    Enemies keep magically popping out of the air in front of me, which is obviously a result of the game taking them off the map whenever you’re “not looking”, to preserve resources on consoles. And I’m pretty sure that the incessant cutscenes ruining every big moment in the game are also an effort to somehow conserve resources.

    I’m pretty sure we also have consoles to thank for all the loading screens and the corridor-maps. I guess it makes for an awkward sort of tribute to the first one, but it just feels ancient and restrictive when you have plenty of power to spare.

    The movies themselves look absolutely awful. Flying into Hong Kong, it’s practically impossible to make out the city from the blur of the resized video. Don’t tell me they couldn’t make a properly resized video, featuring just a bit of anti-aliasing.

    It’s not something that would otherwise ruin the game, but for the sake of nitpicking, it’s not a very beautiful port.


    And I fully agree with Pheonix. The most amazing part about Deus Ex was the way the game allowed you to play with the story. I’ve tried to do it several times in HR, by attempting to save NPCs by taking out more bad guys than I have to (like you did with your brother in the first one) or shooting a certain “activist” to make him follow me over to the cops, who then killed him, and hopefully caused a special outcome.

    No such luck. First time I killed him and dragged his body over to them. They seemed mostly bothered by the fact that he was a dead body, and shot me in the face. And this with a terrorist group that actually bothers to wear armbands identifying them as such, in public. Imagine if that was the case for Al Qaeda or ETA. It would make airport security a hell of a lot easier.

    #15 3 years ago
  16. Len

    Each to their own and all that but personally I can’t get enough of it.

    Sunk over 12hrs in and only just got to China/2nd hub. It’s wonderful and it’s v pleasing it’d doing well sales wise… :)

    As for the console/multi platform aspect, who cares about load times and looks great on all. I’m playing on pc and atmosphere is just fantastic.

    #16 3 years ago
  17. ultramega

    Alright. Thank you for making a well thought-out post.

    It’s sad to hear it’s linear all the way through. Well. Even with the flaws, I’m really enjoying the game, and it’s a refreshing change to most of the games out these days. Maybe the sequel will see some answers to the complaints. I can see the great efforts Eidos put in, after all.

    #17 3 years ago
  18. AHA-Lambda

    I must say it deserves as much success as it can get, its a truly brilliant game and we NEED more games like it. I AM LOVING THIS GAME!! =D

    #18 3 years ago

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