Insomniac: Vanquish plays like “Gears of War on crack”

Monday, 12 July 2010 09:19 GMT By Joe Anderson


Insomniac employees have pegged Vanquish as a stand-out E3 game.

Three staffers from the developer listed the Platinum shooter as their favourite E3 title, with the graphics, guns, explosions, jet-boots and mechs helping the game raise its head in the crowd.

Community Specialist Paul Featherstone described it as “Gears of War on crack.”

He said: “It’s a brilliant technical showpiece from the creator of the original Resident Evil and the director of Resident Evil 4 – my favorite game of all time. It plays like Gears of War on crack and looks absolutely gorgeous.

“Platinum is knocking it out of the park after Bayonetta – hopefully we will see more frequent high-quality releases from them in the next few years.”

You can check out Insomniac’s impressions from E3 on the company’s blog.

Thanks, Gametrailers.