Rumour: Natal is called Kinect, new 360 form factor leaked in ad

Monday, 14 June 2010 00:19 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Boom. This is looking likely.

It appears that an Italian 360 ad has leaked Natal’s rebranded name as Kinect, as you can see on the right here.

Further, the MPU appears to show the new and heavily-rumoured 360 form factor, a slim machine with a 250Gb HDD and built-in wifi.

If true, the leak has scuppered an extreme shroud of secrey regarding Natal’s final name, with sources in LA today telling us that the content of Microsoft’s Natal Experience and main 360 press conference are “locked down tighter than the US president’s nuclear go codes.”

Microsoft’s Natal event in LA this evening is a strictly “electronics free” affair, with journalists being warned that any attempt at filming or photography will result in unceremonious ejection via security.

The main 360 conference starts tomorrow morning LA time. The 10am PST event is also the subject of intense security, with some elements of the European press today being told over-subscription means they’ll have to watch the news unfold off-site.

Obviously, it’s rumour. We’ll all know soon enough. Thanks, Psychotext.