ESRB outs Magic Carpet, Sorcerer’s Maze for PS3 and PSP

Thursday, 18th February 2010 18:02 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Those who don’t own an Xbox console of some sort but do own a PS3 or PSP will soon be able to play a Peter Molyneux game.

No, it’s not a Fable title. Calm down.

According to the ESRB website (via Joystiq), Molyneux’s 1994 title Magic Carpet is set for release on PS3 and PSP as a PSOne Classic. No date or formal announcement as yet, though.

Also outed was Sorcerer’s Maze from XS Games, which looks to be a puzzler of sorts.

We’ll mail Sony and see if anyone bites.

Meanwhile, check out what you can get today through the PS Store update.



  1. revolting

    Hmm, that’s odd… Magic Carpet has been on for PS3/P as a PS One classic for ages. I’ve had it for at least a year. The same for Molyneux’s other nostalgia-causing gem Syndaicate Wars, which unfortuneately is virtually unplayable on both PS3 and PSP.

    Maybe they were only previously available in europe, though… I have no idea if it was or wasn’t available globally before. But I’ve definitely had them both care of the PSN store for a very long time indeed!

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Stephany Nunneley

    It was listed on the ESRB site, so I believe you are 100% right on that, revolting.

    Unless for some reason you went on your very own magic carpet ride using some sort of hallucinogenics – if so, good for you! ;-) /kidding

    #2 5 years ago

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