CES: Natal runs at 30 frames per second

Thursday, 7th January 2010 08:03 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Amid all the release dates and sales numbers at Microsoft’s CES keynote last night, the company dropped some tech info on Natal: apparently, the motion-sensing system runs at 30 frames per second.

Andrew Fitzgibbon, Principal Researcher for Microsoft Research, told the crowd: “What Natal does, is it evaluates effectively trillions of body configurations every frame. We’ve made it do that 30 times a second.”

This, according to IGN, is done through a combination of software and a camera that tracks the body’s motion in three dimensions.

As IGN notes, though Natal will evaluate the room you’re playing in 30 times a second, this doesn’t necessarily mean games will also run at that rate. That will be the effective number of times the game can receive new input from the user, however.

Microsoft confirmed a 2010 release date for Natal in Vegas last night.



  1. Razor

    “We’ve made it do that 30 times a second.”


    “We can’t get it to run at 60fps, so we’re saying 30fps like it was our intention all along”

    #1 5 years ago
  2. OrphanageExplosion

    To be fair, they said it was running at 30fps at E3 2009 and gamescom too. Not really news.

    #2 5 years ago

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