Square Enix confirms FFXIII for 360

Monday, 14th July 2008 20:04 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has just confirmed FFXIII for 360.

A lengthy trailer for the game was shown, and Wada described Square’s relationship with Microsoft as “growing”.

Mattrick just described the game as an “astonishing addition” to 360′s line-up.

No shit.



  1. ecu

    This is going to get very messy.

    #1 7 years ago
  2. XDamage

    Holy hell…

    #2 7 years ago
  3. Psychotext

    Holy fucking shit…

    #3 7 years ago
  4. Blerk


    The internet just melted.

    #4 7 years ago
  5. Gekidami

    Wonder how much this stunt costed MS.

    #5 7 years ago
  6. patlike


    #6 7 years ago
  7. ecu

    I called it. \o/

    #7 7 years ago
  8. morriss

    dalvbndvæjldfb øf jokf dfø-l kF

    #8 7 years ago
  9. Blerk

    Head back on shoulders. Ahem.

    This is nothing short of disastrous for Sony. Disaster. What are they thinking? Why did they not tie this up years ago? Are they mad?

    #9 7 years ago
  10. Psychotext

    There will be blood… seriously.

    #10 7 years ago
  11. Quiiick

    Money talks … :(

    #11 7 years ago
  12. ecu

    Why do you care, morriss? You have a PS3! :P

    #12 7 years ago
  13. XDamage

    This is just getting childish… :D

    #13 7 years ago
  14. Blerk

    Did he mention Versus?

    #14 7 years ago
  15. absolutezero

    Disaster. Oh lol.

    Anyway in more hyperbolic news, this has saved the Conference. In fact it may well be the announcement of the show.

    I bet Square placate the PS3 show by saying that Versus 13 is still exclusive or some such shit.

    Fucking Square.

    #15 7 years ago
  16. absolutezero

    I do love this though, Psycho go find out how much MS paid for this. I really want to know.

    NEWS JUST IN. MS has bought DQ 9 and are getting an emulator running on the 360. JAPAN EXPLODES.

    #16 7 years ago
  17. patlike

    Blerk – No. Just XIII.

    #17 7 years ago
  18. ecu

    I bet the PS3 will still get it first. If it was a simultaneous release, then he would have said, like they did with GTAIV.

    #18 7 years ago
  19. Blerk

    I see.

    And it is still coming to PS3, right? :-D

    /starts more rumours

    #19 7 years ago
  20. Quiiick

    I have both consoles (360/PS3).
    But I would never buy this for the 360, even if it was half the price.
    *being really angry about this MS-stunt* :grrr:

    #20 7 years ago
  21. Psychotext

    Well, they didn’t get Japan so there’s some solace there for Sony. Not that it made any sense for SE to bother with a 360 release for Japan.

    #21 7 years ago
  22. morriss

    I only care insomuch that it’s huge fucking news.

    If Sony announced Halo I’d've done the same.

    #22 7 years ago
  23. Blerk

    The internet HAS melted! EG forums – gone. NeoGAF – gone. Kotaku – slow as fuck. IGN – almost stone dead. lol!

    #23 7 years ago
  24. XDamage

    I guess we’ll just have to wish them luck with cramming it onto a (or several) DVD9 then. :D

    #24 7 years ago
  25. ecu

    Sony are fucked though. They really do have nothing left anymore.

    #25 7 years ago
  26. Bleak Harvest

    Colour me surprised!

    I don’t remember if the dude said anything about Versus. How much do you think Microsoft paid for this little stunt?

    #26 7 years ago
  27. absolutezero

    It would be good if Sony called it a day and went the way of Sega. Most Sony titles are quite nice.

    Poor bastards.

    #27 7 years ago
  28. Psychotext

    What’s crazy is that no-one saw it coming.

    #28 7 years ago
  29. Bleak Harvest

    Hi, Roy.

    #29 7 years ago
  30. Quiiick

    @ ecu
    Jojstiq reports that it will be released the same day as PS3:

    “Sorry, Sony. The Xbox 360 is finally going to get a blockbuster RPG. Square has announced at the Microsoft press conference that Final Fantasy XIII is going to be released on Xbox 360 the same day as PS3 in North America and Europe. What a huge coup for Microsoft, and what a great piece of news for Xbox 360 owners who also happen to be great console RPG lovers.”

    #30 7 years ago
  31. patlike

    That is a bona fide megaton. Wow.

    #31 7 years ago
  32. Psychotext

    Oh shit wait… what if Sony traded exclusivity on this for a FFVII remake? The internets would die for a second time in two days.

    That’s my prediction.

    #32 7 years ago
  33. ecu

    Supposedly it’s not going to the 360 in Japan, only in the West.

    #33 7 years ago
  34. absolutezero

    “great console RPG lovers.”


    #34 7 years ago
  35. Blerk

    @Psycho: What’s even crazier is that everyone joked about it happening. And then it did. :-D

    #35 7 years ago
  36. Bleak Harvest

    NA only, it seems.

    #36 7 years ago
  37. f1r3storm


    #37 7 years ago
  38. Blerk

    Doesn’t Star Ocean already count as a blockbuster RPG? Silly Joystiq.

    Anyway, where’s that Resi 5 media, Pat?

    #38 7 years ago
  39. morriss

    Microsoft must have paid a fortune for this. I wonder if it’ll be worth the effort in terms of sales?

    ecu: Where did you read that Japan wasn’t getting it? That seems like madness to me.

    #39 7 years ago
  40. Psychotext

    morriss: That was the impression I got from the feed… but I can’t remember why.

    #40 7 years ago
  41. ecu

    Everyone seems to be talking about it. No idea where it came from, just seen people mention it in various places. Some places are even saying it’s NA only on the 360.

    #41 7 years ago
  42. morriss

    EG is saying, “Will be out same time as PS3.”

    #42 7 years ago
  43. ecu

    And Square totally went back on their promise to support all the consoles. :D “we won’t let one console dominate like before” but we can now assume that meant they didn’t want Sony to dominate again. Do they even have any other exclusive PS3 games in development except Versus XIII (which we can assume won’t be PS3 exclusive anyway).

    #43 7 years ago
  44. ecu

    Yeah, it’s out the same time. The quality was too bad to make out the words on the screen of my stream, so I missed it.

    #44 7 years ago
  45. Psychotext

    From the EG live text feed:

    “Available on Xbox 360 at launch in North America and Europe.”

    #45 7 years ago
  46. ecu

    I’m sure this’ll all be clarified over E3.

    #46 7 years ago
  47. Shatner

    I’m loving the 360 “bah, FF is all cutscenes and summons, you don’t actually play anything” rhetoric that’s, amazingly, vanished in a puff of hypocrisy.

    Dunno how big it compares outside of Japan but we all know Japan pretty much take a holiday for Final Fantasy releases and Dragon Quest releases.

    No Japan = severely softened impact.

    Whatever MS paid for it, not getting it on 360s in Japan is a huge missed oppurtunity to shift hardware in the region. I also undermines everything they’ve said about being serious about Japan.

    Still, the 360 hardcore’s attitude u-turn on Final Fantasy is comedy gold.

    #47 7 years ago
  48. Spiral

    This is mental. How the hell did they manage it?

    #48 7 years ago
  49. Shatner

    On closer inspection, I’m really puzzled as to how they didn’t get it on 360′s in Japan.

    The game will be in Japanese anyway – it’s not like they’re going to have to localise it just to cover that region.

    The game will be on 360′s anyway – it’s not like it’s a new development project just for that platform.

    Either way, all the work is getting done it just somehow isn’t coming out in Japan…

    …there’s more to this than meets the eye.

    #49 7 years ago
  50. patlike

    Spiral: Lots and lots of money.

    #50 7 years ago
  51. XDamage

    $50 mil for a couple of episodic content packages for GTA IV… Has to be a three digit number of millions for FFXIII.

    #51 7 years ago
  52. ecu

    It’s not confirmed that it’s not coming out in Japan. That’s just what we’ve assumed from the info they released. They didn’t mention a Japanese release, but they never explicitly said that it wasn’t being released in Japan.

    If that is indeed the case, I’m sure that Sony must have had something to do with it. Maybe Sony have cut some deal here, too.

    #52 7 years ago
  53. patlike

    Wada specifically said something about it being to reach North American gamers. I was a bit mental at the time so I can’t recall what he said exactly.

    #53 7 years ago
  54. Shatner

    True. Nobody has made a definitive statement about Japan. But if it’s not been announced alongside all the other announcements of the game (and let’s remember it’s a rather Japan-friendly franchise) it seems very odd to forget to mention it.

    I tend to assume that if something hasn’t (yet) been announced then it doesn’t exist rather than it does.

    #54 7 years ago
  55. ecu

    So, can Sony just not afford to buy exclusives anymore?

    #55 7 years ago
  56. patlike

    Well, if you’re Square, you probably don’t want to miss out on many, many millions of 360 owners in NA, I guess. Look at GTA: Rockstar sold untold million of IV as it was multiformat. This really was the great third-party exclusive: no longer. This really does signal a change in the entire business, in my view.

    #56 7 years ago
  57. Shatner

    Sony made a comment the other day about focusing on internal development. Maybe they’re opting out of buying exclusives in favour of developing them.

    #57 7 years ago
  58. Spiral

    Pat: If it was just a case of money I’d have thought it would have happened before now. But you could be right. Occam’s Razor and all that.

    #58 7 years ago
  59. patlike

    Yeah, you’re right Spiral. Square wouldn’t have done it unless the installed base was there, definitely not.

    Shatner: I’m going to be *very* interested to see what Sony has to say tomorrow. Unless they come out with something completely epic, internal or otherwise, it’s going to be a disaster show for them.

    #59 7 years ago
  60. morriss

    Why are we talking like we ‘know’ it isn’t going to be out in Japan?

    We’re still not sure, right?

    #60 7 years ago
  61. Psychotext

    morriss: It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened, I’m pretty sure.

    #61 7 years ago
  62. ecu

    “Why are we talking like we ‘know’ it isn’t going to be out in Japan?”

    Um, no we’re not. We’re all saying “if”.

    #62 7 years ago
  63. morriss

    Oh. Shatner seemed to be pretty sure, that’s all.

    #63 7 years ago
  64. ecu

    Not that it matters anyway, since the PS3 version would dominate Japan, regardless.

    #64 7 years ago
  65. Bleak Harvest

    #65 7 years ago
  66. absolutezero

    Its a shame that one port has ruined Sony’s E3. The rest of that conference was approaching Sony 2006 levels of fail.

    Its also a shame that everyone is falling over themselves to call out “doom” and “disaster” and “its all over” and picking at the carcass.

    #66 7 years ago
  67. Bleak Harvest

    Basically, good old Shane Bettenhausen asked what we wanted to know. Japan 360 isn’t getting it. Some interesting questions here, let me know what you guys think.

    #67 7 years ago

    Turn based combat sucks.

    #68 7 years ago
  69. ecu

    Kotaku are liveblogging the Square Enix conference right now.

    Confirmed -

    -360 version was announced because PS3 is selling badly.
    - “first they will finish ffxiii in japan. and then they will start localization for english. at that point, they will start the xbox 360 development.”
    - Europe version to be late, due to translations. (this may effect PS3 buyers, since that version is more likely to be region free than the 360 version).
    - when asked about the possibility of FFXIII 360 in Japan – “I think you are right [in assuming that it's not coming out in Japan]”
    - No plans to make the versions different
    - FF Versus XIII is still PS3 exclusive

    #69 7 years ago
  70. absolutezero

    - FF Versus XIII is still PS3 exclusive

    I fucking told you.

    #70 7 years ago
  71. Blerk

    I’m back! I did leave, but I couldn’t stay away.

    I know people are saying that Microsoft must’ve put up big bags of money for this, but I’m not so sure. The 360 is a popular machine outside of Japan, why would SquareEnix ever want to turn that cash down? From where I’m sitting it would appear that it’s a lack of big bags of money from Sony that caused this, not the promise of the same from Microsoft.

    Sony have fucked up bad. This is going to be the only thing that ANYONE is talking about once E3 is over unless Sony really do have some huge megaton up their sleeves. I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t mention it at their conference, actually.

    #71 7 years ago
  72. mortiferus

    MEGATON BOMB!!! Never saw this coming. Sony better have a hell of a conference up their sleeve.

    #72 7 years ago
  73. scratchy69

    My heart has just broken. :( x a million.

    #73 7 years ago
  74. TristanMike

    I’m done with Sony.. anyone want to buy a used 60 GB ?

    #74 7 years ago
  75. absolutezero


    #75 7 years ago
  76. Shatner

    I never claimed to “know” morriss – don’t try to put words into my mouth.

    I’m merely paying attention to the facts delivered by the source rather than favouring speculation and guesswork. It may be less fun, but it saves me the misplaced sense of disappointment and the even greater misplaced reaction of calling a company a liar because I forgot what was said and what wasn’t.

    If my profession was dealing with industry news and I wished to remain credible, I’d make a point of knowing the difference between fact and fiction.

    Still, that’s just me.

    #76 7 years ago
  77. ecu

    What do Sony have left now? LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2..hrm.. anything else?

    #77 7 years ago
  78. absolutezero

    The Team Ico game.

    Need anything else?

    Oh and God of War. Fuck those though. sonylol

    #78 7 years ago

    Gran Turismo

    #79 7 years ago

    Not much else

    #80 7 years ago
  81. Killerbee

    I really am quite astonished by this. Sony really, really dropped the ball here.

    Then again, FFXIII may be like FFXII in which case I really don’t give a shiny shite either way because it was rubbish, but really, the only thing Sony has left is Metal Gear Solid and it wouldn’t surprise me much if MGS4 Sub-whatever ends up on the 360 as well.

    So then it really does just come down to first party titles…

    #81 7 years ago
  82. DrDamn

    Little bit of over reaction here? It’s one game. Aside from that announcement MS’sE3 conference was looking fairly poor to be honest. Sony still have plenty of stuff and a conference themselves. Lets wait and see.

    #82 7 years ago
  83. Blerk

    It’s one game, yes. But it’s a stupendously HUGE one game, and the PS3′s biggest remaining third party exclusive. It’s not like they just nicked Barbie Horse Adventures or something. :-D

    #83 7 years ago
  84. ecu

    Yeah, it was a rubbish conference. This announcement saved their asses really, and even now it’s a bit of smoke and mirrors. It’s not even a new game, it’s fanboy fodder more than anything. This has really diverted attention away from everything else.

    The fact that the biggest things people are getting excited/talking about are a) installing games, but still needing a disc, b) it supporting a couple of extra screen resolutions, and c) a PS3 game going multiplatform, it really highlights how bad it was.

    #84 7 years ago
  85. absolutezero

    Its not that huge. Its still coming out for PS3. The numbers are’nt the problem, the fact that its coming out at all is.

    #85 7 years ago
  86. Psychotext

    DrDamn: Other than Gran Turismo (which is first party and untouchable) this is the jewel in the Sony crown. No-one was expecting this. As for the content in the rest of the conference… would you want to put anything else major in there to be overshadowed? Bungie have an announcement to make the day after tomorrow so it’s not finished yet.

    I’m struggling to think of a bigger game related announcement I’ve seen in 20+ years of gaming.

    #86 7 years ago
  87. Shatner

    DrDamn, you’ve got it all wrong:

    When Sony do something, it’s curtains for Sony.
    When Microsoft do something, it’s curtains for Sony.
    When Nintendo do something, it’s TEH INNOVATIVE OMGWTFBBQ!!!!1 (and curtains for Sony)

    According to the internets, Sony has been doomed every day for the last two and a half years and when a butterfly flutters its wings in a field in New Jersey this also spells doom and gloom for Sony.

    Sony are doomed. The internet said so. The internet is never wrong.

    #87 7 years ago
  88. Blerk

    Sony doomed themselves. Microsoft and Nintendo didn’t really have anything to do with it.

    #88 7 years ago
  89. patlike

    It is a very big deal. Final Fantasy is the world’s biggest third-party exclusive, and now it isn’t. This announcement really does signal a sea-change, for the west at least. If XIII had remained a PS3 exclusive globally, it could have seriously altered the state of play between the two consoles completely, in my opinion.

    #89 7 years ago
  90. ecu

    “I’m struggling to think of a bigger game related announcement I’ve seen in 20+ years of gaming.”

    It’s not that big. Square falling out with Nintendo was MUCH bigger than this. Sony haven’t lost FFXIII, it’s just the shape of a changing market, and Square have been backing other platforms for a while now. However, with FFVII, Square said goodbye to Nintendo and took their next Final Fantasy exclusive to Sony, which was much more of a shock. FFXIII will still sell more on the PS3.

    It’s evident now though, that the industry can’t support third party exclusives on these consoles. The time is coming where they’ll have to merge, like DVD players, and be able to play each others games.

    #90 7 years ago
  91. morriss

    “If my profession was dealing with industry news and I wished to remain credible, I’d make a point of knowing the difference between fact and fiction.

    Still, that’s just me.”

    Yeah, you soldier on.

    /lights a candle for credibility

    #91 7 years ago
  92. absolutezero

    DQ9 on the DS was a bigger shock.

    #92 7 years ago
  93. ecu

    “It is a very big deal. Final Fantasy is the world’s biggest third-party exclusive, and now it isn’t. This announcement really does signal a sea-change, for the west at least. If XIII had remained a PS3 exclusive globally, it could have seriously altered the state of play between the two consoles completely, in my opinion.”

    Hehe, romantic, but.. no. People wouldn’t have rushed out to buy a PS3 and the wondrous FFXIII because it’s that big and that huge. Some people would. Most people just wouldn’t have bothered. It takes more than one good game to make people part with their money. Final Fantasy is not a bigger franchise than GTA and Halo (in the West) either. This is pretty big news, but it’s let’s not over exaggerate it.

    #93 7 years ago
  94. Hero of Canton

    The thing about Final Fantasy is that it’s only really MASSIVE in Japan. It sells reasonably well in Europe and the US, but it’s not going to make the difference this generation. I’d be surprised if this one decision will suddenly sway everything Microsoft’s way, particularly as we’ve not even seen Sony’s conference yet.

    #94 7 years ago
  95. morriss

    So many people in Denmark I know are/were holding out for FFXIII it’s untrue.

    It’s huge here. I think “maybe” it’s bigger in Europe than the UK, tbh. I’d be interested to hear what they have to say after this.

    #95 7 years ago
  96. Blerk

    FFXII was the tenth biggest-selling game for the PS2. Yes, it’s not as big as GTA or Halo, but you can’t seriously deny that it’s big business. One of the biggest.

    #96 7 years ago
  97. DrDamn

    “I’m struggling to think of a bigger game related announcement I’ve seen in 20+ years of gaming.”

    Really? You are shitting me. Square defecting from Nintendo to Sony in the first place was much, much bigger. Rare being sold by Nintendo to MS bigger. This is a 3rd party title going multiplatform. If you look at these things logically then its the way this gen has been going. Unless you pay for exclusivity then you don’t get it and Sony haven’t done that this generation.

    I’m on a couple of other sensible gaming forums/mailing lists. None of them have gone all ape shit and teh DOOMED! It’s big news, but it’s not massive. Sony need to stand up by their exclusives. We’ve seen the last of the big third party exclusives.

    #97 7 years ago
  98. Psychotext

    I think if it wasn’t big news there wouldn’t be nearly 100 comments here. :)

    #98 7 years ago
  99. Psychotext

    DrDamn: I’m talking about a single game rather than whole companies moving. Of course there are bigger bits of company related news!

    #99 7 years ago
  100. patlike

    ecu – I have to be honest, I completely disagree with you. I think there are a huge amount of people that would have bought a PS3 if FFXIII was an exclusive. Just look at the kick MGS4 gave it. With the best will in the world, Metal Gear is simply not as big a deal as FF. It’s a major, major game.

    #100 7 years ago
  101. Blerk

    So, how long before the MGS4 360 announcement, then? :-D

    #101 7 years ago
  102. morriss


    #102 7 years ago
  103. DrDamn

    FFXII sold ~2.5m in Japan, 1.8m in the US and 0.8m in Europe.

    #103 7 years ago
  104. ecu

    No-ones saying it’s not big news, but you have to put it in perspective. It’s a third party game going multiformat, for a nth time this generation. I don’t think it’ll win the 360 much in terms of sales – it’ll sell well on the 360, but it won’t kill the PS3, because it’s still coming out on that console.

    This looks worse for Sony than it actually is. Game development is now so expensive that big third party exclusives are not viable from a business sense. Coming off the back of a generation where is -was- , and where PS2 was the huge market leader, makes it look like Sony are losing all their games. I don’t think their strategy has changed, it’s just that now, games have to be multiformat to survive, this is just the way the industry is moving towards. FFXIII going to 360 was pretty obvious, if you think about it (I predicted it months ago), because you could see the way the market was shaping up. But it’s not an announcement that’s going to kill Sony, since a large chunk of FFXIII’s sales will still be on PS3. Worldwide, the PS3 version will sell the most.

    #104 7 years ago
  105. ecu

    “ecu – I have to be honest, I completely disagree with you. I think there are a huge amount of people that would have bought a PS3 if FFXIII was an exclusive. Just look at the kick MGS4 gave it. With the best will in the world, Metal Gear is simply not as big a deal as FF. It’s a major, major game.”

    It. Is. Still. Coming. Out. On. P.S.3.

    -That- is why it’s not as significant as some people are making out. Still huge news, and it’s only a marginally bigger title than MGS in the West. In Europe, even Gran Turismo is a bigger release.

    #105 7 years ago
  106. Shatner

    You’re only commenting to see how I might respond. :)

    And for what it’s worth: morriss, stop pouting and do your job.

    If I was a game developer I’d be concerned if my staff spent more time playing other people’s games than developing the ones they’re paid to. If my profession was different and I saw staff spending as much, if not more, time making comments than writing news articles I’d be equally concerned (particularly during E3), if not moreso as it suggests and air of pettiness and inability to rise above it all. That’s a privilige for the visitors of the site, not the owners.

    We all know how ugly things look when the content creators start trading blows with their punters. It ain’t pretty and it ain’t professional.

    #106 7 years ago
  107. Shatner

    This place needs a chatroom. Heh.

    #107 7 years ago
  108. morriss

    Yes Shatner, sir. Sorry Shatner, sir. Please feel that you can undermine me whenever you please, bring my credibility into question and come across as antagonistic and supercilious and not expect to be challenged on it.

    In fact, please tell me what my job is as you seem to know much better than I what it is and how it should be done.

    I’m dying to know.

    Your friend,


    #108 7 years ago
  109. Blerk

    Get a room, you two. Only man love can save you now.

    #109 7 years ago
  110. morriss

    You never were any fun, Blerk. :(

    I’m happy anyway, I’ve been writing since 8am and don’t seem to be able to stop pushing the keys on my keyboard…..

    #110 7 years ago
  111. Blerk

    I’m going to bed now. Don’t break the internet overnight. :-)

    #111 7 years ago
  112. Shatner

    morriss, if you were being ironic instead of merely petty then I’d have less reason to offer my critique.

    I don’t need to know or care what your job is or what it entails. It’s my divine right as visitor of this site to comment on its content as I see fit. I am not required to be qualified in the same skills as you are, nor to be experienced or familiar with your profession in order to pass damning critique should I wish to. I’m not here because I’m one of your chums that’ll make a sarcastic comment in your favour to patch any cracks in a fractured ego.

    I do it because I have an opinion and I have the means to express it. It would be a cushy number if I could earn money doing that. It’s probably even better than getting paid to sit around and play games for a living.

    The result are back in morriss. Your sense of humour bypass was a resounding success.

    #112 7 years ago
  113. Psychotext

    I’m with Blerk… and not on the going to bed thing.

    #113 7 years ago
  114. absolutezero

    Welcome to VG24/7 Shatner a less insular AATG

    #114 7 years ago
  115. morriss

    We should all go to bed together. See who comes out alive.

    #115 7 years ago
  116. Psychotext

    I don’t kiss nice.

    #116 7 years ago
  117. DrDamn

    Dragging the conversation kicking and screaming back on track. Couple of things to think about. FFXII sold ~5m copies. This is to an installed user base of well over 100m. 5% of people with a PS2 bought it.

    The reason this sort of announcement isn’t so big any more is because the user bases they are going for are much bigger and full of people who don’t give a toss about some strange Japanese RPG. Take a look at the BBC. They aren’t even reporting this “megaton”. They are reporting on the push for the mainstream and have a pic of LBP at the top of the page.

    It’s big to the hardcore of gamers, but in the grander scheme of things it’s not going to have that massive an impact.

    #117 7 years ago
  118. Shatner


    morriss, I expect a meal and a night of dancing before getting horizontal with you. I’m not like your other cheap floozies.

    #118 7 years ago
  119. ecu

    AATG is the EG Freemason society.

    #119 7 years ago
  120. morriss

    Shatner: That’s not what I’ve heard! Still if it’s a meal you want, my local chippy does a mean plaice.

    #120 7 years ago
  121. Michael

    “Sony are doomed. The internet said so. The internet is never wrong.”

    Wouldn’t that require them to have eeeked out at least a minor bit of success with the PS3 in the first place?

    120 post in 4 hours. You at least can’t deny this is big news on the interwebs right now. *laughs*

    #121 7 years ago
  122. morriss

    Should’ve been Sony “is” doomed. ;)

    #122 7 years ago
  123. ecu

    Nobody ever said it wasn’t big news! ARGH!

    #123 7 years ago
  124. absolutezero

    You should really give up ecu.

    Finger in the wall and all that.

    #124 7 years ago
  125. Quiiick

    Microsoft is DOOMED! ;)

    If a company’s biggest announcement is having a port from another console, then they really are doomed …

    And the rest of this boring conference was showing copies of ideas from Sony, Nintendo and Apple!

    #125 7 years ago
  126. Psychotext

    Trailer is up btw…

    #126 7 years ago
  127. scratchy69

    If this isn’t big news, how come it’s generated the longest comments section so far on this site? Pat, you are totally right, as always. Except when you’re talking about the Welsh rugby side, naturally.

    #127 7 years ago
  128. patlike

    I’m so right. I’m never, ever wrong.

    *bleeding eyes*

    #128 7 years ago
  129. Newbie101

    Wow longest comment thread ever?

    Look, apart from Gears and Portal 2 (which I’ll get on the PC anyway) it is a bit sad that MS biggest news is getting a game which is on the PS3.

    and that isn’t a fanboy talking, thats someone who watched the MS E3 conf.

    #129 7 years ago
  130. Blerk

    If Peter Moore was still there he would’ve gotten a new tattoo.

    #130 7 years ago
  131. Psychotext

    Blerk: Peter was awesome. So sad that he’s over at EA now… not getting nearly enough face time.

    #131 7 years ago
  132. Psychotext

    I really hope this is a parody… (language, NSFW)

    #132 7 years ago
  133. Psychotext

    Moderation monster has eaten my post. /o\

    #133 7 years ago
  134. patlike


    #134 7 years ago

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