Tim Bennison

Prototype walkthrough shows proper gameplay

There’s a video walkthrough after the break of what must now be final gameplay. You’ll see mutant poster-boy Alex on a mission to steal a helicopter, consuming soldiers as he goes. The open-worlder’s out in mid-June.

Tim Bennison headlines

  • Prototype's slip to 2009 made its vision a reality, says Radical

    Prototype exec producer Tim Bennison’s told VG247 that the game’s slip to 2009 means gamers will get the project’s original vision. “Prototype came with a really big original vision and scope,” he said. “That meant we really needed a decent amount of time to pack this game with content, missions, powers, enemies, and polish that […]

  • Prototype video shows pilotable helicopters

    Another Prototype video was released today. This time, executive producer Tim Bennison chats about gameplay and mission modes. Looks like helicopters are pilotable and make a great weapon against zombies. Activision and Radical will release the action game June 12.

  • Radical - Prototype ‘sidewalk smasher’ move is “quadruple-awesome”

    Prototype may have been delayed out of 2008, but there’s a silver lining: Alex punching enemies to death on the game’s sidewalks has now been polished to the level of “quadruple-awesome,” up from a mere “double-awesome” last year. “I just checked with our animation team downstairs and after seeing the latest treatment for the Infected […]

  • Radical - Original Prototype was "too huge," delay has helped "realize vision"

    The bad: Radical’s open-world, anti-superhero blockbuster Prototype has been heavily delayed. The good: it’s now been polished to buggery and pulled back to a more manageable “vision”. “The extra dev time from last year really was a chance for us to polish, tweak and refine the missions and gameplay mechanics,” executive producer Tim Bennison told […]

  • Confirmed: Prototype fully-focused on single-player

    Radical’s Tim Bennison has confirmed that Prototype will have no multiplayer component, instead focusing solely on you, and you alone. Makes you feel special, don’t it? “Prototype is 100 percent focused on a great single-player experience,” the game’s executive producer told VG247. “The game is an origin story that weaves a government conspiracy around the […]

  • Interview: Prototype's Tim Bennison

    Prototype’s been under the news community’s watchful eye since Games Convention 2007. The Radical action game spiked interest at the German show with what looked to be a promising mix of super-mutant, gore and open world, leaving those privy to the showing with Prototype highly-placed on Christmas 2008 wish-lists. This year hasn’t been quite so […]

  • Prototype's multiplayer may make it after all, says Radical

    Speaking to videogaming247, Radical Entertainment executive producer Tim Bennison has said that the developer is “evaluating” Prototype’s multiplayer: it may make the game after all. Benninson said in March that multiplay had been cut from the Vivendi action game. “We’re trying to create the best possible single player experience,” the producer told us this week. […]