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  • Soul Calibur IV character customisation shown off

    Ubi’s released some screens showing player-made characters in Soul Calibur IV. The characters will use an existing fighter’s moves, apparently, but you’ll be given the freedom to make them look pretty much as stupid as you like, if these shots are anything to go by. See the lot on Gaming Today.

  • Vader and Yoda on Soul Calibur IV box art

    We’re saying nothing. Nothing at all. After the link you’ll see box art for the Japanese Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Soul Calibur IV. And that’s that.

  • Secret Apprentice seen in new Soul Calibur IV video

    After the link. It was announced yesterday that the Secret Apprentice from The Force Unleashed was going to make it into the stupidly pretty Namco fighter, the third Star Wars character to make it into the game. Watch it. Soul Calibur IV’s out on August 1.

  • Secret Apprentice included in Soul Calibur IV

    According to this Gamespot report, the Secret Apprentice character from LucasArts’ upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is to be included in Soul Calibur IV. The new Star Wars character means that three have been included in the game, the other two, as you know, being Darth Vader and Yoda. The game’s out on August […]

  • Ubidays 2008: Videos of every game

    You could damage yourself working through endless stories in a creaking newsreader, but that would be simple duplication of effort. No efficiency there. Let us take the strain. Relax. Kick back. Pop that umbrella into your pina colada and wipe the sunblock from your precious eyes. Then watch a load of videos from Ubidays 2008 […]

  • Ubidays 2008: All the screenshots in one place

    So many sites posting the same thing. It’s enough to depress a girl. Instead, hit the links below for all the screens released from Ubidays 2008 last night. Make life easy on yourself. Prince of Persia Tom Clancy’s HAWX Rayman Raving Rabids TV Party Shaun White Snowboarding Soul Calibur IV Beyond Good & Evil 2 […]

  • Hands-on with Darth Vader in Soul Calibur IV

    As promised, IGN’s published its hands-on with Darth Vader in the PS3 version of Soul Calibur IV, following a similar piece yesterday on the 360-exclusive character, Yoda. Hit the link for gems such as this: “As for Darth Vader’s actual character model, we were pleased for the most part. Yoda looks to have way more […]

  • Soul Calibur IV gameplay movie released

    Jesus. Don’t show the kids. Namco appears to have gone “tit-mental” for the Soul Calibur’s latest instalment. See after the link.

  • Soul Calibur IV out on August 1 in Europe

    Ubi’s just officially confirmed that Soul Calibur IV will release for 360 and PS3 on August 1 in Europe. The fighter was previously thought to be hitting on July 31. Expect the date to be brought backwards and forwards at least twice more by a day or two before it actually comes out.

  • Soul Calibur IV has rhino man!

    We skipped the last few Soul Calibur IV character reveals because they were basically just “woman with tits and weapon”, but this is awesome. Namco’s shown off a rhino man and some sort of mental skeleton for the fighter, which now means our anticipation is officially at “10”. Also, Andy reckons he beat us at […]

  • Giant new Soul Calibur IV shots and art gallery

    Ubi just sent over more than 50 shots and pieces of full-size artwork from the upcoming Soul Calibur IV, now confirmed for a July 31 release in Europe. The art for any Soul Calibur game is always incredible, and this time is no exception. Most of it’s is new, from the look of it, so […]

  • Soul Calibur IV dated for Europe

    According to this CVG report, Soul Calibur IV is releasing in Europe on July 31. The fighter was dated yesterday at July 29 in the US.

  • Namco's 2008 Editor's Day - all the screens

    Shacknews has posted all the media from Namco’s 2008 Editor’s Day on one handy page, which is a win-win for everyone, frankly. You’ll find shots of Soul Calibur IV, Warhammer: Battle March, the newly announced PowerUp Forever, Tales of Vesperia, Afro Samurai and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm through that link. Don’t say we never do […]

  • Soul Calibur IV dated for US

    According to multiple reports, Soul Calibur IV will be retailing in America on July 29. Apparently there’s also going to be a Premium Pack, which includes a comic book detailing some of the series’ back story, a code to get exclusive customisation content (althoughwe’re not sure what that is) and a “tournament kit”. Again, no […]

  • First Yoda and Vader Soul Calibur IV footage released

    It is what it is: Yoda and Darth Vader fighting in Soul Calibur IV. Vader’s got a Force throw, from the look of it, and Yoda juggles with his lightsaber like Sophitia from the first game. See it after the break.

  • Ludicrous Soul Calibur IV art

    Here. Namco always does incredible artwork for the Soul Calibur titles, and the fourth game is no exception. We’ve seem a few of these before, but these are a good size. There’s a disc somewhere with each of these about 10,000 pixels wide. Do you have it? Send it to us.

  • Soul Calibur IV tournament at Live

    Today’s Gemma-related news comes in the form of a promised Soul Calibur IV tournament at the Wembley Stadium event, being held next weekend. There’s a contest on both the Saturday and the Sunday, with trips to Las Vegas being awarded to the winners of each. Check out the official site for Live, which includes […]

  • Three more Soul Calibur IV characters revealed

    According to this, Lizardman, Kilik, and Xianghua are all to be included in Soul Calibur IV. Lizardman’s the brutish guy with the sword and shield, and Kilik’s the button-masher favourite with the big pole. Xianghua’s the woman hardly anyone used. New shots through that link. This is down for a summer release, apparently.

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