NFS: The Run

Need for Speed: The Run reviews get rounded-up, launch trailer released

Reviews have started popping up for EA Black Box’s Need for Speed: The Run, and we’ve rounded-up those we can find below along with the game’s launch trailer.

NFS: The Run headlines

  • NFS: The Run trailer directed by Michael Bay released

    The Michael Bay-directed trailer for Need for Speed: The Run was “liked” enough times on Facebook to warrant a release by EA. It’s posted below the break, and it is, indeed pretty swish. We noticed a couple scenes in it that reminded us vaguely of his Transformers flicks, but, we could also be imagining things […]

  • Unlock Michael Bay's NFS: The Run trailer by liking the game's Facebook page

    Starting today, folks can unlock a Need for Speed: The Run trailer by “liking” the game’s Facebook page. It was created by Michael “everything is better with explosions” Bay, who apparently, “player the game and spoke with the creative production team to get a feel for the franchise.” The page needs 250,000 “points” in order […]

  • Christina Hendricks and Sean Faris lend voices, likeness to NFS: The Run

    EA has announced that Mad Men hottie Christina Hendricks and Sean Faris from the Vampire Diaries star in Need for Speed: The Run.

  • Need for Speed: The Run demo gets videoed

    EA released the demo of Need for Speed: The Run today on Xbox Live and PSN, and Ve3tro has captured the race event from it. In the videos below the break, you’ll see the Lamborghini Gallardo racing down the road, and if you invite a friend to play with you, you’ll unlock the Porsche 911 […]

  • NFS: The Run assets introduce you to the Million Dollar Highway

    EA has released new screenshots showing of the Million Dollar Highway in Need for Speed: The Run. Also known as Route 550, the road is a spur route of Highway 50 which stretches from Bernalillo, New Mexico to Montrose, Colorado in the US.

  • NFS: The Run demo landing on PSN and XBL October 18

    EA has confirmed its Need the Speed: The Run demo will indeed be made available on October 18.

  • EA and Sports Illustrated team up in Need for Speed: The Run promotion

    EA has announced that Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Irina Shayk and Chrissy Teigen will play guest starring roles in Need for Speed: The Run. In addition, the partnership between the two firms hands out a new SI subscription offer.

  • NFS: The Run video introduces you to the story

    EA and Black Box have released a video which gives you a glimpse of the story in Need for Speed: The Run. Apparently, Jack is a wanted man, and he must drive 3,000 miles of “unforgiving asphalt,” from San Francisco to New York armed with only guts and instinct to get him through alive. It’s […]

  • NFS: The Run Limited Edition contains three super-hot cars

    EA has announced a Need for Speed: The Run Limited Edition which contains access to the Lamborghini Aventador, Camaro ZL1 and the Porsche 911 Carrera S.

  • NFS: The Run video shows an unforgiving Nevada desert

    A new video for Need for Speed:The Run has been released, showing cars racing through the hot Nevada desert. Due at the end of November, The Run is a story-driven race from San Francisco to New York, complete with short out-of-car cinematic quick time moments. Game’s out November 15. Thanks, EvAv.

  • Tuesday shorts: The Witcher II, DCUO, NFS: The Run

    It’s Tuesday, so you’ve still got a fair bit to go in terms of the weekend, but you made it through the trek yesterday. You’ll be fine. But take a breather and read these shorts first.

  • Need for Speed: The Run - first trailer, details

    Yesterday, a listing for Need for Speed: The Run popped up over on Shopto. Later, EA released the video for all to see. Today, the firm has confirmed the game’s details.