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PlayStation Move confirmed as PS3 Motion Controller name

Finally, after nearly ten months of waiting, Sony has announced a name for the PS3 Motion Controller in a GDC event tonight. And it is, as was rather blatantly leaked via a European trademark filing earlier today, PlayStation Move.

Motion Controller headlines

  • Source: Sony to name Motion Controller at GDC press event

    VG247 has it on cast iron authority that Sony will name it’s PlayStation 3 Motion Controller in San Francisco this evening.

  • Arc date and partners expected to be announced tomorrow

    Sony will press release a firm date and a list of partners for its PS3 Motion Controller tomorrow, a source has told VG247.

  • Some existing franchises on PS3 will get motion updates, says SCEE

    Sony plans to incorporate motion controls into existing franchises once Arc is finally released, revealed the company’s European VP Michael Denny.

  • Rumour - PS3 Motion Controller is called Arc [Update]

    VG247 has it on good authority that Sony has named its PS3 Motion Controller “Arc”.

  • Video of RE5 working with PS3 motion controller

    After the break. You can see very clearly what’s going on here. The game seems to work well with Sony’s wand, although the guy playing does appear to be holding both the motion controller and a standard pad. At the same time. This is footage taken from yesterday’s Sony TGS press conference. PS3’s motion system […]

  • LittleBigPlanet working with PS3 motion tech - video

    After the break. It shows the LBP motion tech demo from yesterday’s magically appearing Sony TGS press conference, featuring a woman playing with the motion stick and a guy using a standard controller. Looking nice and interesting. And cute as ever. PS3’s motion system releases next spring. Thanks, Syrok.

  • RE5 Director's Cut, LBP and others to support PS3 motion tech

    Capcom’s confirmed a Resident Evil 5 Director’s cut is on the way, saying it’ll release next spring and will support PS3’s upcoming motion tech. Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi showed the game working with the consoles glowing wands at TGS today. In addition, LittleBigPLanet was shown using the system, and Sony confirmed that the following will all […]

  • Sony's motion controller slated for spring release

    Can you feel that? That’s the Internet doing a backflip, because Sony’s motion wand controller thingy finally has a release window. “We are slating it for spring of next year,” Kaz Hirai told Times Online. “One of the things is that we just don’t want to put out the controller. We need a great software […]

  • PS3 motion tech is "very, very precise," says Sony

    SCEE R&D boss Paul Holman told Edge at Develop this week that PS3’s upcoming motion technology will cause advancement in games thanks to its precision. “I think we can just say that it’s very, very precise,” he said. “People are going to be able to take games in this space forward because of the precision […]

  • Variety: PS3 motion controller for E3

    Variety sources are claiming PS3’s much-rumoured motion controller is to be revealed at E3 in June. As per a patent filed in 2007, the device is thought to be tracked by a small webcam and can read different coloured lights, as well as the shape and angle of each light, making it far more sensitive […]